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Dyson DC58 Vs DC59: Comparing the DC58 and DC59

DC58 or DC59 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will quickly compare and highlight the major differences between the cordless handheld vacuum (the Dyson DC58 Animal) and the Digital Slim Mark III (the Dyson DC59 Animal) from which you will get a clear overview as to what both can offer you along with a significant indication as to which is the right cordless vacuum for you.

Dyson DC58 Overview

Design & Practical Features

The DC58 is basically a powerful handheld vacuum (an update to the Dyson DC34) that measures 20.8 by 14 by 39.5 cm and takes on the classic Dyson design being ergonomic, practical (e.g. being able to store up to 0.4 liters of debris, which can be quickly & hygienically released at the press of a button) & lightweight (weighing just 1.57 kg) — and is hence incredibly easy to use.

Cleaning Performance

Dyson claim that it can offer ‘three times the suction power of any other handheld in use‘ in turn making it clearly the most powerful handheld vacuum on the market… by far. It operates on two cleaning modes the ‘standard’ where it offers 28 Air Watts (lasting up to 26 minutes) and the boost mode where it produces an incredible 100 Air Watts (as much as a fully fledged vacuum cleaner — lasting 6 minutes).

This is because it incorporated three vital aspects: the two-tier radial root cyclone (generating huge centrifugal forces), the highly-efficient Dyson digital motor and re-configured cobalt battery capable of supplying an extra 50% power compared to the standard Lit-ion battery seen in all competing models.

Accessories & Attachments

The actual cleaner head is the advanced motorized carbon fiber motor head attachment, incredibly effective in picking up a range of debris from various surfaces — but the DC58 Animal also comes with a crevice tool, combination tool and battery charger (as well as a two year warranty guarantee & instruction manual).

Dyson DC59 Overview

Design & Practical Features

In terms of the design — the DC59 (aka the Dyson Digital Mark III, given that it replaces the Dyson DC44) is actually very similar to the DC58 (particularly in the motor head handle, where it has a 0.4 liter bin capacity as well) apart from the obvious wand component which is the long tube that connects the handle to the carbon fiber filaments head (and hence measures: 25 by 121.3 by 20.8 cm & weighs in a little more at 2.11 kg — with the weight being ergonomically distributed towards the handle to give at an added sense of lightness). Which allows to use it like an upright and vacuum the floor (like a normal standard upright), but is also light enough for you use on ceilings.

Cleaning Performance

It features the same cleaning specifications as the DC58 such as the two cleaning options: standard & boost (and Dyson claim that it ‘sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum‘ e.g. if you compare the D59’s boost suction power of 100 AW to the DC24 corded vacuum’s 100 AW — they have a point.) as it is fitted with all the idtenical updated and highly advanced components. It of course also includes the re-vamped carbon fiber filaments cleaning head (which has been made lighter but also has had its brush bar stabilized and fitted with a dirt capture channel funnel) to further increase its pick up rate efficiency*.

*compared with the Dyson DC44.

Accessories & Attachments

The DC59 Animal basically comes with the same accessories as the DC58 offers: the combination tool (for powered dusting and for getting into tight spaces), crevice tool, docking station (that charges it from dead to full battery in around 5.5 hours) and mini motorized tool for effective pick up of pet hair. Moreover, you can actually remove the wand & attach the motor handle to a crevice tool, so it in essence does actually become the DC58.

The Difference Between the DC58 and DC59

As you can see the DC58 and DC59 are very similar in most instances, with the motor handle taking on the same design, both coming with similar accessories/attachments, offering the same cleaning power (standard: 28 AW & boost: 100 AW) & cyclone system (Two-tier radial root cyclone with the V6 Digital motor), and even the same practical specifications (bin capacity of 0.4 liters).

All of which of course makes sense given the point above with the DC59 essentially being able to become the DC58 when you remove the aluminium wand component. However it this simple ‘wand’ piece that allows the DC59 to essentially take on new cleaning dimensions — where you can use it like that of a regular upright vacuum through being able to fit the carbon fiber cleaning head to it (along with other aspects such as being able to clean high e.g. curtain etc.)

Which Cordless Dyson Should You Buy a DC58 or DC59?

There is a fair difference in price of around a $150, but the DC59 obviously represents itself as a more multi-functional & ‘practical’ cleaning machine (where it can do everything a DC58 can do e.g. the intricate car cleaning jobs, stair cleaning) — but it also may even have the potential to replace a full sized vacuum (especially if you only have to vacuum around a small flat or apartment). So my vote goes with getting the DC59 Animal. Which Dyson cordless vacuum will you get and why?

If you have any questions or concerns over the comparison of the DC58 Vs DC59, then please make them in the comments section below (and if you have found this article useful then do please give it a like or share).

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