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Dyson DC59 Animal Vs Dyson DC59 Animal Complete – What's the Difference?


DC59 Animal or DC59 Animal Complete – Which is Best for You?

This short comparison account will compare two versions of the Dyson DC59 ultra powerful cordless digital slim mk. iii. vacuum, through firstly pin-pointing the differences between the DC59 Animal versions (which is mainly to do with the attachments & accessories that come with each vacuum) and then going over the aspects and features which remain essentially identical on in a following section. Then finally a concluding section weighing up which will serve you better for cleaning your household & offers the best value overall value.

Dyson DC59 Animal Vs Dyson DC59 Animal Complete – What's the Difference?Differences Between the DC59 Animal and DC59 Animal Complete

As touched upon above, the actual cleaning performance and specifications of the DC59 animal and DC59 animal complete are essentially identical. The only real significant difference between the two and what explains the price differences is the accessories that come with each version — so the following sections will make it clear as to — what goes with what.

Dyson DC59 Animal Attachments & Accessories

The DC59 comes with the combination tool which acts to focus suction air flow to tight awkward gaps and can also double up with a brush nozzle for powered dusting essentially. It also comes with a mini motorized turbine attachment which is a specially designed device for the effective removal of pet hair from soft flooring (e.g. rugs and carpets) as well as hard flooring (e.g. tiling, hardwood).

Dyson DC59 Animal Complete Attachments & Accessories

Now with the DC59 Animal complete it not only comes with the two attachments like the DC59 Animal does (i.e combination too, mini motorized turbine) but also the flexi crevice tool (that acts to extend your DC59’s reach and can bend around corners), a wide nozzle tool (for effective removal of dirt, debris from your mattresses and furniture) and finally a soft dusting brush (for removing fine dust fragments from delicate surfaces).

N.b. both models also come with a docking station too, to store your DC59 & accessories neatly away as well as charging it.

Similarities Between the DC59 Animal and DC59 Animal Complete

So just to reiterate the only difference between the DC59 animal and DC59 animal complete is three additional accessories (wide nozzle tool, flexi crevice tool and soft dusting brush) specified above — all the other factors (as going to be highlighted below) remain exactly the same.

Dyson DC59 Animal & Animal Complete Overview

They both have the same dimensions, practical aspects (0.4 liter bin capacity, can essentially become a DC58 by removing the wand) and cleaning performance (boost mode operating at 100 air watts of constant suction) — due to the same integrated technologies (e.g. the two-tier radial root cyclone system, re-configured cobalt battery and re-vamped digital motor).

Which Version of the DC59 Should You Buy the Animal or Animal Complete?

With a marginal price difference, I would definitely go for the DC59 Animal complete as those extra three accessories really do radically improve the cleaning possibilities & functionality of the DC59 cleaning machine. But, if you were to buy them each separately (in addition to the DC59 Animal) it would come to much more than the difference between the Animal complete and animal is. But which cleaning machine will you buy the DC59 Animal or DC59 Animal complete & why (let me know in the comments)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or issues regarding the comparison article of the DC59 Animal Vs Animal Complete, then please make them in the comments below & if you’ve found it useful please do share and/or give it a like.

Dyson DC59 Animal Vs Dyson DC59 Animal Complete – What's the Difference?
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