Dyson DC59 Battery Life: Run Time & Charge Time Explained

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Dyson DC59 Battery Details & Clear Up

Are you thinking about getting a new Dyson Digital Slim DC59 animal (pretty much the ultimate cordless stick vacuum), however are needing a few things clearing up with regards to the DC59 battery, its run time and average charge time? If so, this quick account will be able to help you out — clearing up any potential confusion you may have.

What Battery Does the DC59 Animal Have?

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The Digital slim mark III. has been installed with a new ‘re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery‘ as opposed to the 22.2 volt lit-ion battery that was featured in its predecessor models. Its an ultra-efficient and very power battery that basically supplies the DC59 with ‘1.5 times more power than the DC35 and DC44‘ as well as being designed to be ‘fade-free’ which in other words, means the supply power of the battery is constant — and doesn’t fade away like other batteries do as the ‘charge’ depletes. Both factors of the battery contribute to being able to ‘suck up as much as a conventional corded vacuum’, generating 100 Air Watts of constant suction power (as much as the Dyson DC24 upright vacuum).

What is the DC59 Run Time (Battery Life)?

There are two cleaning modes with the DC59: the standard option (operating at 28 AW) and boost option (operating at a huge 100 AW) — and the latter obviously runs down the battery much quicker than the former.

Specifically, if you were to use the standard mode constantly until the battery dies, it will last for just over 20 minutes and likewise for the boost mode (if you used it constantly) it will run for 6 minutes. For the quick cleaning jobs it is intended for (stair ways, cars, a couple of rooms, curtains etc.), you don’t actually really need it to last any longer than this (a measurement Dyson.com themselves calculated).

Standard Mode – Run Time: 20 Minutes

Boost Mode – Run Time: 6 Minutes

There is however, a new specialized run-time enhancing trigger that comes with the DC59 that basically acts to store power as soon as the power trigger is released (i.e the time you are moving the DC59 from one cleaning job to the next, which would otherwise be wasted in other cordless stick vacuums), hence ‘battery power is only used for cleaning’ this then allows you to have the DC59 constantly ‘on’ for 26 minutes (this is the time that you should be comparing with other competing stick models e.g. the Hoover Linx, Ergorapido — which aren’t anywhere near as power as the DC59 can be).

Standard Mode w. Trigger – Run Time: 26 minutes

Note: the run time is the same even when you use it just as a handheld vacuum (being pretty much like the DC58) & you’ve fitted it with the combination tool for instance.

Furhter Note: there is no difference in run time between the regular DC59 mulit-floor and DC59 Animal, the only difference in this regard is the extra mini motorized tool that comes with the DC59.

Standard Mode w. Pet Hair Tool – Run Time: 18 minutes (approx)

What is the DC59 Charge Time?

When you buy the DC59 new you will also be getting a charging docking station that keeps the DC59 stored away neatly & in addition will charge it (although you don’t actually ‘need’ the docking station to charge the DC59) — from a dead battery to full at around just over 3.5 hours (approx 215 minutes).

Furthermore, if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the DC59 battery, DC59 run or charge time (or actually any queries in general about the regular DC59 or DC59 Animal) then please make them below (and if this article has been useful to you please give it a like or share — will be much appreciated).

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