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Dyson DC59 Multi-Floor Vs DC59 Animal: Comparing the DC59 Multi Floor & Animal

DC59 Multi Floor or DC59 Animal – What’s the Difference?

Are you thinking about buying a new ultra-powerful DC59, however are unsure on the difference between the DC59 multi-floor and DC59 Animal version? If so, this account will be able to help you out below. The quick answer though: is that they are pretty much identical apart for the attachments that are provided with each (details just below) and the color finish — apart from that they have the same cleaning performance, same battery life etc.

Differences Between the DC59 Multi-floor and DC59 Animal

So as said above, the difference between the two versions of the DC59 is simply the accompany attachments that come within each package & it is only this difference that explains the extra $50 added to the DC59 animal package over the DC59 multi-floor.

DC59 Multi-floor Attachments & Accessories

The only accessory that is provided with the multi-floor version are the crevice combination tool — which is essentially used for vacuuming tight gaps & areas, which also has the ability to double up with a brush nozzle for powered dusting. It also comes with a minimalist docking station for you to charge your DC59 & keep it neatly stored away.

DC59 Animal Attachments & Accessories

With regards to the DC59 you also get the docking station & crevice tool (which can also be used to make it into a handheld vacuum, essentially the DC59) but a mini motorized turbine tool as well — this is basically a specially engineered & sophisticated pet tool for effective removal of pet hair in and around your home — and it is this attachment that explains the difference in price between the DC59 multi-floor & DC59 Animal.

Extra Accessories for the DC59 Multi-floor & Animal

You can rapidly increase the functionality of either version of the DC59 by also purchasing the very well regarded Dyson Cordless Tool kit separately, where it comes with: a wide nozzle tool, soft dusting brush, extension hose and stiff bristle brush. Highly recommended.

Similarities Between the DC59 Multi-floor and DC59 Animal

Of course the similarities of the two versions of the DC59 are everything else i.e itself as a cordless stick vacuum, so below we will just give you a brief overview.

Design & Practical Factors

Design wise, it is typical Dyson — sleek, practical & ergonomic — being light as they come at just 2.11 kg (with a weight distribution targeted in the handle to give an ‘added’ sense of lightness). You can clean like a normal upright vacuum or raise it to the air with ease to clean curtains & ceilings, moreover you can remove the wand to make it into a handheld (for the more intricate cleaning jobs e.g. stairs, car) being essentially the DC58.

Cleaning Performance

The DC59 is ‘the’ most powerful cordless vacuum going — combining the very latest Dyson technology (e.g. two tier radial root cyclone technology, ultra-efficient V6 Dyson Digitial motor, re-configured cobalt battery, re-vamped carbon fiber cleaner heads etc.) it can offer you on boost mode up to 100 AW of constant suction power (the same as a corded Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner). No other stick vacuum really competes. Moreover, they have even managed to increase the run time to potentially 26 minutes (see here for more info). In all, this is really an incredible cleaning machine.

Rating: 100% from 6 reviews (so far) – sourced: amazon.com

Which Version of the DC59 Should You Buy the Multi Floor or Animal?

Basically, if you suffer with a pet hair problem in your household then definitely go for the DC59 Animal, but if you don’t then you are fine opting for the DC59 multi-floor (but remember the mini motorized pet hair tool doesn’t have to be just used for pet hair, it comes in very useful for cleaning stairs, cars as well).

Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the DC59 Multi Floor Vs DC59 animal then please make them below & if you’ve found this account useful please give it a like or share.

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