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Dyson DC59 Vs DC62: Comparing the DC59 and DC62

What’s the Difference Between the DC59 and DC62?

Are you interested in buying the ultra-powerful cordless & extremely well regarded Dyson Digital Slim mark III. however are slightly confused as to exactly what the differences are between the Dyson DC59 and DC62? Well, that’s pretty understandable, given that they are actually the exact same model i.e there aren’t any technical variations between the DC59 and DC62.

Dyson DC59 and DC62 Overview

To restate: there doesn’t exist any inherent differences between the DC59 and DC62 (i.e the powerful cordless stick upright), both come with all the latest Dyson cleaning technology installed (the re-configured long-lasting cobalt battery, the latest two-tier radial root cyclone system & re-vamped carbon fiber cleaning head), offer the same cleaning performance (operating at 100 Air Watts of suction on the boost mode, ‘sucking up as much as a corded vacuum‘ and has the ability to last up to 26 minutes) along with all the identical practical specifications (the 0.4 liter bagless bin capacity, where it weighs in at just 2.11 kg — feather weight — with the ability to turn into a handheld vacuum, essentially becoming the Dyson handheld DC58 to allow you to get into some intricate cleaning) & accessories (charging docking station, combination tool & if you get the Animal version — the mini motorized tool).

So Why the Difference in Price Between the DC59 and DC62?

The reasoning for the common confusion over the DC59 Vs DC62 arises, is simply that the same cordless vacuum cleaner has been given two names (which are due to the retail distribution, & trade mark issues): the ‘DC59’ is essentially meant for sale in the United Kingdom and United States etc. whereas the ‘DC62’ is meant for retail in Japan, Canada etc. So when you see a DC62 for sale (e.g. on amazon.com), it is simply that it has been shipped in by a third party from one of those residing countries rather than within the country which you are from.

Note: You will also see it in retail — for the multi floor & animal version of the Dyson digital slim mark III. where the latter simply comes with an extra pet hair tool attachment (mini motorized tool) which explains the difference in price between the two (& also they are finished slightly differently).

Which one to get — the DC59 or DC62? Does it matter?

Usually, I would advise you to go with whichever is cheapest (for a price comparison: DC59 Animal and DC62 Animal), however I wouldn’t be totally sure that you are getting the two year warranty coverage (unless clarified from Dyson.com themselves) if you are a UK or US resident buying a DC62 as opposed to the DC59 ( and this being said, you will likely find the DC59 to be cheaper anyway, speaking from a US consumer’s view). Also, you might run into other practical issues such as with the AC adapter & charger (& the docking station) not being compatible to your plug wall type when getting a DC62. So, obviously I’d definitely recommend you go for the Dyson DC59 Animal.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the ‘clearing up’ comparison of the DC59 Vs DC62 then please make them below & if you have found this article useful please be sure to give it a like or share.

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