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Dyson DC65 Best Price: Finding a Bargain!

Where to Get the Best Price on the Dyson DC65 Animal?

When it comes to buying a brand new Dyson DC65, it can be quite daunting given its price tag (especially the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete being listed at about $650 from Dyson.com), however there are a number of tactics & techniques that you can employ to get a better deal for it — this means both getting cheaper and getting a better overall deal (where free accessories & attachments, extended warranties can be thrown into the mix), depending on ‘where’ & ‘how’ you shop. This is where this article can help you out — just follow the steps below.

First. Check Amazon.com.

This should be your first point of call, after you have checked how much Dyson are listing it newly — the super massive online retailer, Amazon. They regularly sell Dyson products at a discount, given they order in such mass — the DC65 Multi floor, DC65 Animal and DC65 Animal Complete are no different.

Moreover, they also have third party sellers (who are either companies or individuals who specialize in selling vacuums) retail through them, so they can get even cheaper deals still (and as the A to Z guarantee is in place, nothing can wrong on your end either). They will also sometimes throw in some special promotions e.g. if you buy the DC65 Animal, you get the Dyson Home Cleaning kit or a free Dyson DC34 handheld vacuum as well.

Second. Look Up BestBuy.com.

Another very decent site to visit is best-buy, they were the first site to retail the DC65 independently and are constantly offering special offers & a low price guarantee. You will also see that they give you an option for indoor pick up or 1 business day exclusive free shipping (which is pretty impressive in itself). They also give you the option to extend the 5 year warranty coverage program already in place with a ‘Geek Squad Protection Plan’.

Third. See eBay.com.

A little bit more risky than the other sites as you are essentially buying the DC65 second hand, but you are also more likely to get a cheap price on the DC65. The online carboot sale is a great place to seek out the DC65 as a bargain, as it is the first place people visit to list unwanted items — and you just may find the DC65 is not up to a certain person’s standard, so has been put straight back in the box and listed on eBay. It is here, where you can strike a brilliant bargain.

Fourth. Go Back to Dyson.com.

You will sometimes see that the manufactures themselves are holding a special deal on their vacuums whether it be through selling a refurbished or re-manufactured DC65 (which is obviously being sold at a much cheaper price) or that they are holding a 20% discount or a free Dyson tool kit. It is certainly worth checking out their special offers section, in case you have missed it.

Fifth. Local Vacuum Stores.

Before, going purchasing the DC65 it may also be worth asking if you can try it out in a local vacuum store and see if they are up for negotiation. State certain sites are undercutting them, then introduce extra warranties or possible free accessories to go with it.

Finally. Look for Coupons, Vouchers, Codes & Special Online Deals

Also, be sure to see if there are any vouchers or special DC65 codes that you can use on retail sites that will offer you a discount or potentially more for your money deals etc. You will usually find them on deal & bargain sites and forums. Just use a search engine to search for terms such as ‘Dyson DC65 vouchers‘ and ‘DC65 Discount codes’ etc.

Last Notes

Remember to check what it is exactly that you are buying: what version of the DC65 you are getting, are you getting the 5 year warranty, instruction manual & the right set of attachments. Does it come in the DC65 box? If you aren’t sure, just ask.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the best price for the DC65 or you’ve got any further suggestions to get it even cheaper then please them below & if you have found this article useful please be sure to give it a like or share.

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