Dyson DC65 Vs DC66 – What's the Difference?

Have you been trying to workout exactly what is the difference between and the Dyson DC65 and DC66? Well there is no real wonder why you have been struggling… because they are the exact same cleaning machine. There is no real Dyson DC65 Vs DC66, because it is the same vacuum cleaner that has been given two names, so don’t worry that should narrow down the choices a lot more for you.

‘There is no ‘real’ Dyson DC65 Vs DC66′

The reason behind it having two names and why you could get potentially confused and caught up is that Dyson have to name their new latest super powerful vacuum cleaner under two names for trade mark and retail distribution purposes.

You will notice if you visit Dyson’s websites across the world that the same vacuum is named the Dyson DC65 in the United Staes, United Kingdom etc. but goes under the name of the Dyson DC66 in Canada and Japan etc. But, apart from this name change — there is absolutely no difference between the DC65 and DC66, they both produce the same excellent cleaning performance and both come with the same practical design as well.

You will also see that the differing versions i.e DC65 Animal Complete and DC66 Animal complete are also ‘completely’ identical too, coming with the huge arsenal of cleaning tools and attachments (which sometimes also go under slightly different names depending on what country they are being sold in e.g. the up top tool that is sold in the United States is instead termed the multi brush tool in the United Kingdom) and likewise with the multi floor options just coming with the standard set: the combination tool (which is a crevice tool that doubles up with a brush nozzle for powered dusting) and stair tool.

This youtube clip from ‘Ask Dyson’ telling you how to replace the brushbar if needed further proves the fact they are indeed the exact same vacuum cleaner given that they titled it ‘DC65/DC66 – Resetting the brush bar. They have a range of these ‘practical’ videos but you will be able to do it efficiently from the clear instructional manual guides they offer.

What if You Find the DC65 or DC66 Cheaper than the Other?

A lot of people ask, the above question and due to the warranty coverage issues — I would only ever go with the Dyson vacuum that is designed for your country, so everything runs smoothly. By all means, if you have proven that Dyson will cover you despite you not owning the ‘right’ vacuum for that country (as silly as this sounds), then go for it.

But, I would just be somewhat wary of the fact in general that you are able to get a cheaper model of the ‘term’ that wasn’t meant for your country anyway. However, as always be sure to understand the 5 year warranty in place that comes with any Dyson vacuum that you were buying — getting in touch with their customer service (which is truly excellent by the way) is the way to go.