Best Dyson for Pet Hair 2015

So are you wondering what is currently the best Dyson for pet hair in 2015? Well, it is quite simply and unmistakably the Dyson DC65 Animal complete, simply the best upright vacuum cleaner that Dyson have ever produced and no matter how big or small the cat hair or dog hair (even both) in your house is & whether it be on laminate flooring, tiled flooring, hardwood or thick carpet — the DC65 will have absolutely no trouble at picking up every last hair from your house. This is the best Dyson vacuum for pet hair not just in 2014, but ever!

What is the Top Rated Dyson Pet Hair?

Let me start this overview by casually mentioning it can clean better than ANY other vacuum across carpets and hard floors this has been proven through independent vacuuming tests — that the DC65 has at least twice the suction performance for removing dirt, dust and of course pet hair from any floor surface compared to other vacuum cleaners. This have been achieved due to an array of Dyson engineering triumphs:

• Remodeled & Revamped Radial Root Cyclone Technology — where the DC65 now has the most powerful and efficient cyclone system that any vacuum has been integrated with, which means it can basically generate huge centrifugal forces that allow it to easily pick up microscopic dust particles and hairs.

• A HUGE suction power — if you check the Dyson DC65 specifications you will see that it has an unrivaled suction power of 245 air watts (compared to other upright vacuums) and is at least double the next best competing (‘non-Dyson’) vacuum cleaner.

• Advanced Self Adjusting Cleaner head — one of my favorite aspects of the DC65 is the fact that the cleaner head can auto adjust to the floor type you are cleaning on. It will raises its head for soft flooring and lower it for hard floors — this allows it to have minimal air leakage resulting in a more optimal suction performance.

• Re-configured Brush Bar– and this is perhaps what Dyson engineers are most proud with the DC65 animal complete vacuum cleaner, the updated brush bar that is capable of applying ‘25% more power, driving bristles deeper into carpets removing more dirt’ and pet hair — when compared to the already incredibly powerful Dyson DC41.

Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners (as you can see right) it still retains the classic Dyson design of combining modern (slightly alien) style with practicality. It is incredibly lightweight compared to most full sized vacuum cleaners at 17 lbs but is made from some of the toughest plastics (the same stuff used in riot shields). Moreover, you will see that it is also integrated with the famous & latest Dyson ball technologyso it is a complete dream to maneuver and pick up pet hairs in and around your house — being able to turn on a single dime.

You will also note if you check out the Dyson DC65’s specifications that it offers extensive practical features a large 0.55 gallon hygienic one button press easily release bin mechanism as well as an extra long telescope hose and cord (stretching altogether to well over 50 ft). No wonder, they claim it is designed specifically for the large American home.

However, it is the arsenal of cleaning tools that come with the DC65 Animal complete that will be really chuffed about. Firstly, the legendary tangle free turbine tool — the most loved pet hair device by any pet owner, an extremely effective turbine that instantly picks up pet hair from any floor type but never gets tangled unlike so many other products out there (that ‘claim’ to deal with your dog and cat hair).

Then you also get the sophisticated Dyson soft dusting brush tool to collect fine particles of dust or tiny hairs from delicate surfaces, the multi-angle brush for getting hard to reach high places, the stiff bristle brush for removing tough dirt stains, zorb maintenance powder, the combination tool, stair tool and a Dyson tool bag to keep all your gear in.

The Dyson DC65 Animal complete is expensive, but truly is the Best Dyson for pet hair. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview then please make them in the comments below and we will be sure to get back to you.