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Dyson Root Cyclone Vs Radial Root Cyclone


What’s the Difference Between Root Cyclone and Radial Root Cyclone Technology?

If you are a bit confused over exactly what Dyson’s root cyclone technology and their radial root cyclone technology is and the difference between them and implications they cause? Then this brief overview will be able to help you out.

Firstly, what exactly is Root Cyclone & Radial Root Cyclone technology?

It basically allows the vacuum to be a ‘cyclone vacuum‘, whereby it isn’t fitted with the standard bin bag and filter system. Instead the cyclone system projects an air flow through the cylinders or cyclones (which are visible on the Dyson vacuums) along a ‘high speed spiral path’ — much like a clothes dryer.

When the air stream is turning in spirals, it is generates a powerful centrifugal force — this then allows the dirt, dust, debris etc. to be extracted from the airflow without need of a filter system to separate it. The dirt simply is gathered at the base of the cylinders. In all, it allows for the vacuum to be ‘bagless’ (hence no bags needed to keep on being replaced), transparent (so you can see exactly when the bin needs emptying) and doesn’t lose suction (as you collect more and more dirt in the bin).

Dyson Root Cyclone Vs Radial Root CycloneBut, what’s the difference between the Root Cyclone and Radial Root Cyclone?

As you may have noticed it is the new line of Dyson vacuum cleaners (the DC40, DC41, DC50, DC65 etc.) that are fitted with the radial root cyclone technology. It is basically a more advanced, more efficient version of the previous root cyclone technology (seen in the older Dyson vacuums such as the DC24, DC25 etc.). Specifically, Dyson have re-configured the airways in order to get a more optimal performance to ‘maximize suction power‘. It has allow a more efficient airflow to minimize turbulence and retain air pressure. The end result is basically that it helps these latter Dyson vacuums with radial root cyclone technology are able to ‘remove more dust and allergens from the home’ across all floor types.

N.b that these cyclone technologies are completely unique to Dyson, no other company has this high tech components fitted into their vacuums.

Root Cyclone Technology Vs Radial Root Cyclone Technology

So when it comes to comparing Dyson vacuum cleaners e.g. DC25 Vs DC65, the fact that the DC65 is fitted with upgraded Radial Root Cyclone technology as opposed to the DC25’s basic root cyclone technology, gives the DC65 a significant edge in the overall cleaning performance of the Dyson vacuum.

Dyson Root Cyclone Vs Radial Root CycloneTwo Tier Radial Root Cyclone Technology

As you may have seen with either the DC47, DC50, DC58 and DC59 there is a new two tier radial root cyclone system as well, where the cyclones have been ‘doubled stacked’ i.e arranged across two platforms and work parallel to one another to improve airflow, thereby separating more microscopic debris particles.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of Dyson Root Cyclone Technology Vs Radial Root Cyclone technology, then please make them below. Also, if you have found this article useful at all, please be sure to give it a like or share.

Dyson Root Cyclone Vs Radial Root Cyclone
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