Dyson Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan

What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

Are you interested in getting one of Dyson’s ‘cool’ and unique bladeless fans particularly a ‘whole room cooling’ one, however like many are trying to decide whether to go for a tower fan (AM02 or AM07) vs pedestal fan (AM03 or AM08) as they essentially ‘on the surface’ do the same job? Right? Well technically, yes, that is correct they are both highly effective whole room cooling fans, but they are designed for slightly ‘different’ room types.

Dyson Tower Fan (AM02 & AM07)

The Dyson tower fan is integrated with air multiplier technology that induces a large amount of air gallons per minute and then through the process of entrainment amplifies this airflow smoothly (non-buffeted) & largely dispersing across an entire room with oscillation. As you can seem from its ‘bladeless head’, it is much larger than the other air multipliers — this plays a significant in being faster at cooling a large room down to a cool desirable temperature. This in turn makes it ideal for a living room or dining room scenario – to keep them cool during the summer months.

Dyson Pedestal Fan (AM03 & AM08)

The pedestal fan however is better suited to keeping you cool in your bedroom whilst you try to get to sleep during the hot summer nights (whereby it is powerful enough to keep you nice and refreshed, so the heat doesn’t keep you awake, but also is whisper quiet, so won’t keep you up because it is too loud unlike most other fans).

This is because it is generally a fair bit quieter (especially the AM08, given the extra acoustic engineeringand sleeper timer feature), so it is far less likely to keep you awake than the Dyson tower fans but also you have control over the trajectory of the initial powerful airflow being generated (through adjusting the height and tilting its head), so you can position it for the initial burst of powerful airflow to be aimed at you and your bed — and then it will go on to cool your entire bedroom down.

Should You Buy a Dyson Tower Fan or Pedestal Fan?

Whether you are comparing the AM03 Vs AM07 or AM02 Vs AM08 — & debating which model to buy, what you need to think first — is ‘where are you going to be using this Dyson air multiplier the most (i.e what room)?’ this is ultimately the deciding factor as to whether you get a tower or pedestal fan (once you have decided that, then you can go on to think about should I get the AM02 or AM07 tower fan and if you are interested in a pedestal fan either the AM03 or AM08).
As discussed above, the tower fan is better suited for a living room or dining room scenario whereas the pedestal fan is better suited to the bedroom. However, there is a cross over to consider.

Would a tower fan work effectively as a bedroom fan? No, not really given the airflow would probably be mostly aimed at the bed itself, rather than the towering trajectory you can achieve with the Dyson pedestal fan — it is also a fair bit louder in operation. But, would the pedestal fan work in a living room situation? Well not quite as well as, but yes, it oscillates and you can position the head, adjust the height etc. — in my opinion not as ‘good’ to look at, but it will do a very good job for you. Hence,in my opinion you the pedestal fan is more versatile if you plan on moving around the house.


Generally speaking though, the pedestal is for the bedroom for when it gets unbearably hot during the summer nights and it is a struggle to get to sleep (particularly the AM08 will serve you well, if that’s the case) and then the tower fan is for keeping you cool whilst you are eating around the dinner table or watching the football in a living room when your mates are around.

But, if you have any questions regarding the comparison overview of the Dyson tower fan vs pedestal fan then let me know in the comments below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible (regarding any of the models specifically featured above — the pedestal fans AM03 & AM08 as well as the AM02 & AM07).