E-Cigarette Counterfeits Can Put Your Health At risk

The e-cig or electronic cigarette market has grown faster than ever. The sale of e-cigs was 7 billion dollars last year and this year looking to 8 billion dollars, which has created an enormous variety of products for users, which is a fantastic but a dangerous thing too. According to many law enforcement agencies and manufacturers of e-cig products, “Unlawful trade of e-cigarettes is on the rise across many developed countries that is making uncertainty for the consumer and industry across the world.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Imitation versions of e-cigs and e-liquids are now beginning to look in many markets worldwide, and these counterfeits are made using cheaper materials in low standard manufacturing environments. Matthew Moden, the founder of Liberty Flights Ltd, a well-known British manufacturer of e-cigarettes owns many vape stores of the same name throughout England.

The strategies and techniques of these e-cigarette counterfeiters include producing of lower quality products that don’t match to the same standards as popular companies. Besides, these fake manufacturers use batteries that fail to recharge as well as sometimes produce e-liquids that contain hazardously high levels of nicotine or other dangerous particles. The electronic cigarette Melbourne experts are predicting that the illegal operations will only increase as the e-cigs market continues to grow. They have projected that the growth of sales of e-cig devices and products to reach 50 billion dollars mark by the year 2030.

This is not only creating problems for E-cig manufacturing companies, but the major concern is for the consumers, who are putting their own health at risk. The majority of the counterfeiters of electronic cigarettes seem to be coming from China, which is not a surprise because some estimate that about 90% all e-cig related products come from the China because the lack of regulation has created lots of opportunities for counterfeiting manufacturers to boom at the expense of the consumer.

Lots of users are aware of the dangers of poor-quality manufacturing of e-cigs and choose to buy from reliable and reputable companies, but that is why counterfeiting poses such a danger, and even a knowledgeable consumer can be fooled easily It does not matter how you look at it, but regulation is coming, and it is so far to be seen whether that will help or hurt the counterfeit market. During this time,trying to avoid counterfeit products will be made easier by informed and researching reputable companies.