Earn money and traffic from redgage

If you are not aware of what redgage is, then first take a look at this short description of redgage. Redgage is a revenue sharing site that pays its users for the content they upload in the form of photos, blogs, videos, documents and links. The content uploaded should be unique and should not be copied from other sites. The content should not include adult content. We the users or members of the site are paid on the basis of number of impressions we get. Now here is a detailed description of making money at redgage.

1. If you have any funny or beautiful photos, then upload them to redgage. In our daily lives we come across many such things and take a snap of them through your phone or camera and upload them to the site. You start making money on receiving impressions to the photo uploaded.

2. Have some instructional or funny video, then share it on redgage. You make money for every impression the video gets.

3. Have some notes or information to be shared with friends? Then what are you waiting for? Write them in the form of document and upload them to the site.

4. If you are interested in making some easy money, then this is the right destination for you. You may be working for many PTC sites where you make a few cents. Leave that and follow this method which gives you extra bucks in your pocket/wallet(s). There are many posts regarding various topics over the internet. Upload those links with a short description and relevant tags and start earning the royalties for the same.

5. Do you have the habit of writing blogs and do not have an adsense account? Then this particular site suites you perfectly well. You will be paid for your content on the basis of number of impressions.

6. Many of you know the importance of traffic. You can get traffic from redgage by uploading photos and videos that are related and by placing the link in description area. By submitting links which are do follow and by writing the summary of your posts as blogs.

7. Redgage rewards its users with bonus varying from 1$ to 8$ if the content uploaded gets featured.

8. The authority also runs a daily contest where the winners have an opportunity of earning 25$. In order to win in the contest, you should earn maximum raffle tickets that allow you to participate in the contest. Raffle tickets are given for uploading knowledge based content(2 tickets), mentioning redgage on other sites( 10 tickets) as I am doing now and by inviting new members to the site(20 tickets). The payments are made through visa card when you complete the minimum threshold of 25$.

So, that was the knowledge that I have about making money at redgage. Hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to share the adittional information through comments section. Please do give your suggestions and feedback through comments. If you love this article then please do share it and let others know this opportunity of making money.

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