Earn Money Online by Writing for Upfront Payment Websites

One of the fast ways to make money writing online is writing for upfront payment websites. Upfront writing websites pay you for every approved article that you write. Writing for upfront payment websites can be a great option for you to earn money online if you can write genuine content with good English. I have been searching online for a long time to spot the best and legitimate writing websites for online writers to make money. There are a few legitimate and trustworthy upfront websites out there that pay you for your original work. This article is all about legitimate upfront websites that pay writers for their content online.

Earn cash by Writing Content Online

There are many upfront websites scattered all over the Internet. But the trickiest job is to find the ones that really pay you for your efforts and hard work. Many websites do not pay much for original work, whereas many do pay a lot for quality content. Some sites will not pay you anything because they are just pure scams. So do a bit research on the sites you wish to join. In this article, I have only included two upfront websites that accept international writers and pay upfront for writing content online. There are a few great upfront websites out there but I have not included those sites for not hiring writers from all over the world.

Upfront Online Writing Websites

There are a few writing websites that I have found trustworthy and pays upfront. I write for Knoji and Helium and these sites are simply great if you can write original and quality content.


Knoji (formerly Factoidz) is a great website if you can write quality articles which are carefully reviewed before being approved. You have to write five successful articles one after the other to qualify for a bonus, besides getting paid for each article. But if one of the five articles gets rejected, you break the chain and have to start at the beginning. If you writ five successful article in a row, your account is upgraded, you publish the work yourself and instantly, and get paid really well. Before final submission of your writing, check for grammar and punctuation errors and spelling mistakes.


Helium is a very trustworthy and one of the oldest sites that pays upfront for any article you write and accepted by it. However, you are limited to which titles you can write under as you have to write under given titles. Although you can suggest a title but you do not always hear back if you suggest one. You also get paid for rating the work of other writers. There is a marketplace where you can pick out titles. You can earn money through incentive payments at Helium, exclusive assignments and performance bonuses based on the traffic your work receives. The Marketplace opportunities and variety of titles allow you to experiment with different styles of writing. You can also earn by rating the work of writers who also write for Helium.

The above upfront payment websites are trusted by writers and the key to sucess of making money online with these sites is to write unique and original content. Writing that informs readers, contains interesting information, and is free from grammar and spelling mistakes will be enjoyable to your readers. Make sure that you write quality articles about subjects that are prevalent and people want to know about. These two sites will pay you well really if you write original and quality content.