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Last week, we had a party at a friend’s house. It included successful people from all aspects of life. After a LOT of booze, we ran into an argument, and we finally reached a conclusion. If God had invented Facebook, the world would not have had so many religions. After getting through the hangover, and with no idea what the topic was or the cause of the discussion, it was time to really start thinking. And it may well be concluded that religion or no religion, Facebook can make you rich if you know how to use it!

Let’s get one thing straight, it is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires hard work and a very unique business sense to succeed with this. You need to be very unique in what you provide and the more ‘ahead’ you are, the better are your chances to succeed. Here are a few methods of earning small bucks with Facebook, which you can later convert to a big venture…

Paid Marketing and Advertising with Facebook

Let’s face it; nowadays almost everyone has a Facebook page. It does not matter what you do or to whom you pray. You just have to have it! Affiliate marketers and advertisement agents see this as a powerhouse of opportunity. You have access to a colossal amount of customers, where the possibilities of being noticed are endless. If you are not living under a stone, you must have seen many such advertisements on both sides (left and right). Well, that’s what it’s about.

Advertising by Fan Pages

Let’s consider you are a very good chef, and you share your recipes online in your Facebook fan page. Or if you offer valuable life changing advise to all your followers through your fan page and your advises actually work. Or perhaps you are a very hot wannabe movie star and you share all your personal photos through your fan page. In all of the above cases and many more, people will follow you. And if you have a fan page with a good enough fan following, you can use that to let others advertise their stuff. In return, they will pay you for each click that is registered on the advertisements. In this case, you do need to be unique in what you offer. The world has seen lots of topless ladies and ‘get rich quick’ gurus. Even singing sensations and poets are last year’s fashion. These will not last. Try offering something with your clothes on or with your mouth shut. Remember, whatever you have thought of doing, chances are it has already been done. So you must work hard to succeed among all the competition.

Develop Facebook Apps

Facebook houses millions of small apps to improve usability all over their site. You need to know programming on some level, that’s all. You can develop these apps for Facebook and get paid in return. These apps can range from games to quizzes and from polls to up loaders. If they become popular, you can then profit more from their success by advertising on your fan page.

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