Earn Passive Income Every Day from Home

Have you ever thought that you could write as well as E.L. James? 50 Shades of Grey is certainly popular but it id not the stuff of Nobels and Pulitzers. Certainly the thought has crossed your mind. Well, there are opportunities to translate your writing and storytelling talents into a reliable and significant income.

The Inherent Problem of Online Writing
There is no shortcut to writing online. You will have to treat the exercise as a job. Articles will have to be crafted carefully, with solid messages and produced on a regular basis. In this business, there is no substitute for quality. You may win in the short term with a piece that is hugely popular for a day a week or even a month but you will be constantly rewriting those articles to remain relevant in the future. The key is in writing “evergreen” articles.

The Evergreen Solution
Consider for a moment the massive numbers of people who visit the Internet on a daily basis. Finding a topic and writing a memorable piece will surely resonate with a large number of them. That fact defines t opportunity for you as a fledgling writer.

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The real beauty of passive income is that it gives back much more than you put in. Write an article this month and you will see returns for years. If you are ready to try writing for a living, visit me here:


It is rewarding opportunity on a variety of levels. In any event, you can do yourself a lot of good by simply trying. Good Luck.