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How to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal Honest and Fair


One of the things you will be doing as a Girl Scout leader is to help your troop earn the light blue Daisy petal, honest and fair. Honesty is one of the most important character-building endeavors for any young woman. Girl Scouts, recognizing the benefit of honesty and a sincere desire for goodwill will respond remarkably to your initiative to earn the light blue, “honest and fair” petal. You will have to have engaging hands on activities for your kindergarten and first grade girls. It is also a good idea to have an extra volunteer or two to help you and your co-leader, as the craft will benefit from having an extra set of hands.

Materials You Need to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal

  • Book- The Boy Who Cried Wolf or The Wolf Who Cried Boy
  • Brown Paper Bags-one for each girl for the craft, and one for each girl for the game
  • Small aluminum foil balls
  • Wolf template
  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Small treat for each girl


Before the meeting, make a wolf puppet to show the girls. Not only do they benefit from seeing a completed example, but you can work out any potential problems and correct them before you get to the meeting.


You will also have to prepare a bag for each girl. In three of them, put a treat like a Hershey Kiss. In the others, put a small aluminum foil ball.

At the start of the meeting, tell the girls that they will be working on earning the Daisy Girl Scout petal honest and fair. Ask the girls what it means to lie. Ask how they would feel if someone lied to them. Would they believe the person the next time they told them a story? Talk about honesty, and discuss the expression “honesty is the best policy”.

Then read the book The Boy Who Cried Wolf. At the right spots, stop and talk about the boy’s lies. This is a classic story that has stood the test of time because of the lesson it teaches.

If you want a book that is a bit sillier, but teaches the same lesson, read The Wolf Who Cried Boy. It tells the story from a different point of view, but it teaches the same thing.

How to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal Honest and Fair

When the story is over, talk about the moral and then it is time for the craft.

Give each girl a template of a wolf to color and write her name on the back of it. Let them color it in any way they want-don’t stifle their creativity! Then they can cut the pieces and glue them on the right spots on the paper bag (this is where the extra parent volunteers become essential).

While the puppets are drying, play a game with the girls. Hand each one a brown paper bag that has been sealed shut. Tell them that they can keep whatever is in the bag. Have them give it a shake and have them guess what it is. Then have the girls open up their bag and share what is inside. The girls who have the Hershey Kiss will be delighted. The girls who have a foil ball will not think that this is very fair.

Then talk about the importance of being fair. Then give every girl a Hershey Kiss!

Doing this activity to earn the light blue Daisy Girl Scout petal honest and fair will surely teach this important lesson to your troop.

How to Earn the Light Blue Daisy Petal Honest and Fair
Morris Bradley
Morris is a contributing author with Seekyt. I'm an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test. I am an environmental consultant who works with developing countries and developing communities to help them become more environmentally sustainable and economically self-sustaining.

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