Easy Credit Catalogs for People with Bad Credit in 2016

Buy now pay later programs really help shoppers when they need to spend money they don’t have, you’ll be surprised to know that there are many easy credit catalogs that people with bad credit can apply and get approved for. These merchants who offer the BNPL programs usually give out a small credit line however over time if the shopper makes regular payments and never misses paying the bill the credit line grows.

Can You Get Easy Credit in 2016?

Having a buy now pay later credit facility can come in really handy especially if you need to spend money quickly and you don’t want to dip into your emergency fund. You can leave your money in the savings account and used these deferred billing service to spread the cost of your shopping interest free.

Buy Clothes Now Pay Later

If you need to buy clothes right now because there’s a sale on and you can get a bargain you could use the buy clothes now pay later programs offered by easy credit catalogs. Some of these merchants even offer an introductory discount or discounts when you recommend friends, there is usually a interest free period where you can spread the cost of your shopping and save money rather than make a large withdrawal from your savings account.

One of the best merchants for BNPL clothes is Montgomery Ward which has been helping people with their shopping since 1872, Montgomery Ward offers a BNPL facility through their Choose N’ Charge Card where you can shop and then make monthly installment payments to pay off the balance. Sometimes Montgomery Ward offers introductory discounts and if you can use them when there is a sale you can save lots of money.

Montgomery Ward offers tops, bottoms, dresses, suits, intimates and lingerie; you’ll also be able to find bed and bath products, electronics, appliances, health & beauty products and even jewelry. Montgomery Ward has one of the widest and largest selection of products you could want and offers a one stop shop if you’re looking to make a mass order and pay it off slowly.

Buy Electronics Now Pay Later

If you don’t have insurance or warranties on your electronics then replacing them can be very expensive, normally you would have to use your emergency fund to pay for the items. Buy electronics now pay later offers a better alternative when electronics and appliances break down, you can use the easy credit catalog to make the purchase and then spread the cost of your shopping without the need to make large withdrawals.

One of the best bill me later electronics purchase catalogs is Stoneberry.com which offers laptops, computers, printers, cameras and tablets where you can use flexible payments. You can also find vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and dishwashers as well as microwaves. If you need to buy an electronic item now and pay later then Stoneberry.com will normally have it.

Buy Beds & Mattresses Now Pay Later

Buying a bed or mattress can be very expensive especially if their comforts you’re after, a Tempur mattress can set you back thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to invest in a good night’’s sleep then you could buy beds and mattresses now and then pay later. Both Seventh Avenue and Montgomery Ward offer a wide selection of beds, mattresses, duvets that you can choose from. Once you’ve built your credit you can use the Choose N’ Charge facility to buy the items and then make monthly installment payments towards the balance, this will help you to make a high cost purchase and pay it off in small amounts interest free, sometimes these merchants have big sales so if you can buy during a sale you’ll be able to save money in two folds.

Buy Designer Furniture Now Pay Later

If you’ve just moved into a new home and need to furnish it quick but don’t want to use your savings you could use buy designer furniture now pay later programs, with these BNPL programs you could purchase beds, mattresses, coffee tables, bedroom, bathroom and reception furniture when there’s a sale and then use you’re introductory offer to save even more, you could then even use the BNPL facility to spread the cost of your shopping interest free. One of the best BNPL furniture merchants include Blair At Home, Montgomery Ward and Seventh Avenue, you could furnish your entire home using all three of these catalogs.

Buy Airline Tickets Now With Fly Now Programs

If you book holidays you’ll know the price can vary from time to time, some package deals that were cost $2000 can be reduced to $500, normally savvy shoppers and travelers book when the price is low and save a bundle, if they don’t have immediate cash available they use fly now pay later programs to finance the purchase. Fly now pay later programs allow you to book your flights, hotels and car hire right now and then defer the payments or make small monthly installments.

Some of the most popular programs include the American Airlines Fly Now Program where you use the American Airlines credit card to make the payment and then pay it off in small amounts, other popular programs include PayPal’s Bill Me Later Program to use with HotWire.com and JetBlue.Com.


I Have Really Bad Credit Can I Apply For Easy Credit Catalogs

If you have really bad credit then there is a chance that these easy credit catalogs will approve your application, the merchants will probably offer you a small credit limit in the region of $50 to $100 to see how you manage money. If you can demonstrate that you’re a responsible shopper by making payments of time without delays then they will extend your credit limit and your credit score will consequently improve.

Easy Credit Catalogs for People with Bad Credit

Easy credit catalogs for people with bad credit offers many shoppers a chance to buy products that would normally be out of their reach, it allows savvy shoppers to really save money by taking advantage of the interest-free period. The catalogs are also very handy during emergencies where you have to make a large payment, but don’t want to disturb you savings account, it also helps people with bad credit to repair their creditworthiness.