Easy Feng Shui Decorating

Feng Shui is balancing with all of nature and allowing the energies of the space surrounding you to flow. This balance and flow involves every aspect of your life, and if any blockages are put in the path of this balance and flow, everything in your life comes to a halt.

That is the reason for using this art when decorating. Placing certain objects in certain places that will allow all the positive energies to flow into your home, and in the process, bring with it all the success, health, wealth and love you want.

Decorating For Harmony

Place bowls of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter and table. If you put oranges in a few of the fruit bowls, this will also bring you good luck.


The Flow Of Love Into Your Home

Put two stacks of two pillows next to each in a corner of your bedroom, or even your living room.

Brightening The Shadows

You can brighten the shadows in your home by placing mirrors there. They will reflect light and brighten that area, and in the process, brighten your mood.


Decorating With Plants

The best room in your home to put a living plant is your bathroom, not only do they clean the air of pollutants and toxic fumes from your cleaning products, they also hold onto the energy of water in your bathroom.

The Flow Of Money Come Into Your Home

Since water is energy, wealth and luck, why not place a small in-door fountain some where near your front door.

If you think you would really like to know more about decorating with feng shui, then there are dozens of books you can purchase at the bookstore or online.