Easy Halloween Decorations for the Nursery

Many parents want to add some seasonal flair to the baby’s room but it can be difficult to find subtle Halloween decorations without getting too scary. Check this easy list to find some great ideas for Halloween decorations for the baby’s room.

Halloween Wreaths: A simple holiday wreath is a great way to add flair to the outer door of a nursery. Check handmade websites to find some simple, understated Halloween decorations that are not too scary. Most of these wreaths feature bows, ribbons, pumpkins and ghosts, which are relatively tame for the holiday. If possible, place a wreath on every door in the house to carry the theme throughout your home.

Mini Pumpkins: Tiny pumpkins last much longer than larger pumpkins and add a nice touch to a nursery. Find some small pumpkins and put them on a high shelf or bookcase for a simple, cheap Halloween decoration for the baby’s room. Be sure to monitor the pumpkins though, you do not want them getting rotten and forgetting about them.

Candy Corn: Simple candy corn decorations are easy to find and contribute a nice autumn flair to the kid’s room. Look for stuffed candy corn to hang from certain areas of the room or present some candy corn decorations on top of a bookcase. Make sure not to use real candy corn in decorations that children can reach so they don’t end up eating too much sugar or choking.

Mini Bales of Hay: Many different retail outlets sell tiny bails of hay as decorations. These would look great paired with the small pumpkins mentioned above. The only drawback of these is that they tend to be a bit messy. As with some other items on this list; be sure to keep these out of reach of children. If kids can reach them it is likely that they simply destroy them and the resulting mess will be undesirable.

Do not abandon the Halloween decorations for the nursery just because they’re scary. Use this list to get you started building a great festive baby’s room.