Easy Parade Ideas for Bikes, Trucks and Floats

Easy Parade Ideas for Bikes, Trucks and Floats

Who doesn’t love a parade? With these easy parade ideas, you can have your own parade,or you can participate in your town’s event. This article will give you ideas for how to decorate your bike, truck bed, or trailer to make an attractive and engaging float for the big day.

The easiest way to get involved in a parade is with your bike. A group of children can decorate their bikes and have their own parade. They can also ride the bike as a group in a larger parade. Those who are able to do tricks on their bikes will even get a chance to show them off!

Crepe paper is very inexpensive and makes it simple to decorate your bike. However, it does get torn easily so you’ll want to put it on close to when the parade starts. You can make flowers or trailing garlands with the crepe paper.

You can also have the riders get dressed up in costumes. One of the most popular is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. If you have a little dog named Toto to ride in the basket, you’ll be set! You can even extend that to a theme and have a Miss Gulch chasing Dorothy!

If you have a truck, you have an easy way to participate in the parade. Use magnetic tape to add decorations to the outside, like foam letters, crepe paper, or balloons. Have people in costumes dressed up in the back of the truck. For example, if you are participating in a Christmas parade, you can have Santa, Mrs. Claus, and elves interacting with the crowd. For a homecoming parade,you can have the opposing team’s mascot tied up on a chair in back of the pickup. Then have the cheerleaders or football team members walk alongside.

You can make a float by using a flatbed trailer pulled behind a car or truck. You usually want to cover the sides and the floor of the trailer when you are decorating. This can be done with vinyl tablecloths from the Dollar Store, chicken wire filled in with tissue paper, or crepe paper and balloons. Depending on the parade theme, you can use hay bales, flowers, or pine boughs to add interest. You can also make sculptures out of chicken wire and fill them in with tissue paper.

To encourage interactivity with your float, you can add music by using a stereo. Get the crowd dancing! Another favorite way to get the crowd involved is by throwing candy. Just make sure that the kids get some!

These easy parade ideas will help you either have your own parade, or participate in one. I hope you have fun!

Thumbnail courtesy of N1NJ4 via Flickr.