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Easy PC Tuneup Tricks That You Can Do Yourself

Having troubles in your PC performance? Perhaps it’s time to take your machine to an electronic store to get it optimized. But before you go for that, hold on and read the article to learn how you can get the best PC tuneup without paying to those electronic stores.

On an average, electronic stores, charge you around $49.99 for PC optimization or PC tuneup. While, at one level, availing professional computer support gets imperative and necessary, but that’s when things get unmanageable or when you are too lazy to put a bit of effort on PC optimization.

At the present time, going for in-store computer support is an utter waste of time and also a not very smart way. It’s the era of online tech support, and you can easily avail simple-to-complex remote tech support from the comfort of your home or office. But if you are ready for a simple technical learning curve and to put efforts you can do the best PC tuneup service for your computer.

Update Windows

You PC runs on an operating system, and that’s the powerhouse that enables your device to do such big tasks for you. But the challenge is that there are bad guys on the Internet, who are looking forward to inventing ways through which your operating system, i.e., Windows, can be compromised. And they do get successful by releasing malwares that through various channels can attack Windows of your system. That is the reason Microsoft keeps on releasing Windows updates. These updates are immune against the loopholes that the attackers have identified and can use to intrude your OS.

The logic is simple, Microsoft releases a version of Windows, intruders analyze that version and recognize the loopholes and then create malwares to attack those weak points discovered. Next, Microsoft encounters the malwares by releasing Windows updates by plugging the existing vulnerabilities.

That is why you must get Windows update done. And for doing that you don’t need any professional help. Microsoft has kept it very simple. You just need to check the Microsoft’s official site for the available updates and then download them and install them. The modern versions of Windows like Windows 8 and 8.1 are so efficient that they get updated automatically.

Free Up Space by Removing Files

If you are using your PC for a while, then it might have got piled up with files, and that’s what making it slow or bad in performance.

You can reasonably free up disk space by using a free and best PC tuneup utility. There are many such free tools available; CCleaner is one of the highly popular tools. A few more PC tuneup utilities are Anvisoft PC Plus, SlimCleaner, WinUtilities Free Edition, Auslogics Disk Defrag, etc. These tools scan your system for temporary files and other undesirable system files, which are no more useful and worth being deleted. These tools also operate as registry cleaner and can wipe out the old and unwanted registry keys.

These utilities are comprehensive tools. They don’t ask for much of your involvement either, just run them at a regular interval, and it will do a proper cleaning optimization of your PC.

Optimize Startup

A slow and saggy startup process is irritating, and thus many users visit stores to get their start-up process optimized. However, it’s easy to do that even on your own. If you are using Windows, then perform the following steps:

• Open the Task Manager

• Click the Startup tab.

From here, you can control and arrange your startup programs.

You don’t even require installing any other software. But if you are running an earlier version of Windows, then you need to use applications like MSConfig to manage your startup programs.

Defragment Your Computer

Optimizing your hard drive by defragmenting it is one very obvious thing that professionals will do in order to optimize your computer. Defragmenting the drives after a particular interval of time is very important in order to avoid hard drive failure and other kinds of issues like slow PC performance.
If you use a solid-state drive (SSD), you don’t need to defragment at all. If you use an older mechanical drive, then you can set your Windows to run defragmentation operations on a scheduled time. But if you observe that your PC has become too slow then you must quickly defragment it. Doing that is simple.

• Open the Disk Defragmenter tool or “Optimize Drives” on Windows 8

• Click the button to initiate the defragmentation operation.

Apart from taking care of the aforementioned steps, you should also keep the antivirus program of your computer updated and run it regularly. So, you will agree that keeping your PC tuned up or optimized is not a very challenging job. You can easily do it of your own. But if you are too lazy to do it, then now you have the convenience of online tech support. So, you must not defer the process of computer optimization as that can lead to other major issues.

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