Easy-peasy ways to spice up your interiors

Do you find yourself suffocated by routine and dull atmosphere of boring and unchanged arrangement of your home? Did you know that your daily mood is directly connected with your environment? If you’re really in this kind of trouble, please do not despair. It’s only a sign that it is time for you to make some changes in your surroundings. It’s time to make your home more colourful, more comfortable and more joyful place to spend time in. Enrich your living space with new decorative ideas that will make you happier.

Revive your memories

Why keeping sweet memories for yourself? Use old photographs to decorate the walls. Experiment with rustic frames or simply hang old photos on a string of rope on your wall. You could try painting a tree and hanging photos on it, making your own, unique family tree for everyone to see.

Light it up!

Underestimate the light and you will sure miss a lot! Candles look incredible when they are put in unusual candlesticks; a simple wine glass will do. You can even try making your own candlesticks of cans, mason jars, leaves and twigs. All you need is a bit of imagination and your own two hands to make something unique which will be the true expression of who you are.

Keep it sweet and simple

Simplicity is the secret of beauty. Restoring your old furniture instead of buying new sounds great! Repaint that retro closet of yours with bright colours such as white or yellow and make it eye catching. Never use more than three colours in one room. Mix two bright colours for most of the surface including furniture and blend it with dark coloured lamps, curtains or rugs. This will open up the space and attract people’s attention to details. Simplify your material choice, too. You don’t need to use expensive materials like leather, silk or wool to be stylish.

Experiment with new curtains and rugs

Choose the perfect rugs for each of your rooms: designer, patchwork, Persian, multi-colour, traditional or modern and try pairing them up with new curtains. It will give your rooms life and make it look different and brand-new. You will feel different when you feel new material underneath your feet and there will be a smile on your face when you see just how good that old room looks with just a touch of colour on your floor and wall.

From very begging it’s good to have a plan or, at least, an idea of what you want. Whether you want to reorganize the whole house, or just want to refresh your living room, it might be a good idea to make some strategy that will lead you through the process of rearrangement, just so you know what you actually want to do in each room. You don’t necessarily need to complicate by buying expensive furniture. Be creative and play with colours and materials. If you follow your instincts, you will make your home a place where you will feel good and want to spend your time in.