Easy Steps for Picture Transfer to Instagram

Instagram is one of the best picture sharing and editing apps available online. This app goes great with both iOS and Android platforms. Often you might wish that you too could transfer your pictures from your DSLR or your point and shoot camera in the app for sharing purpose. But not many are well versed with how this is done in a convenient manner. Given here are a few simple steps that will help you in getting through with it.

Transferring Images

The initial step is to take out the pictures from your camera and transfer those into your mobile device or your Smartphone. This is possible with Instagram app that would help you in doing it.
Using a card reader is the first option that you can go for transferring pictures to your desktop from your camera. But for this you would require to connect the camera with the PC. It would not be easier for you to copy and paste all the images but when you use Picasa by Google it would be a lot easier. This app will help you in organizing your photos.

If you are dealing with RAW in your DSLR then remember that you would require Adobe Lightroom. This software is very good at organizing your pictures and helps you deal with this file format.

Editing Pictures

Now, the most essential step for making it all right is editing your pictures so that they are Instagram ready. First of all, you would need to have Adobe Photoshop if not that then you can opt for GIMP, Pixlr or Adobe Photoshop Express.

for better results at cropping, you would need to apply the 1:1 ratio for posting pictures, as they will appear square when you post them. For cropping you can use Pixlr that would help you with better image cropping while using your desktop or your PC.

While transferring bulk of pictures you would need equal storage space that would require resizing your pictures as 640×640 that is standard size offered by the app.

Using Dropbox

Now, you need to use Dropbox, as this is one of the best cloud services that will help you move your pictures to the Cloud. This is essential as while moving your pictures you will be able to have the benefit of cloud backup. The best part is that this works well even with your mobile device.
If you are running Windows then you need to copy pictures in the folder for sharing pictures in the app. After transferring your pictures you will see that all is stored in Dropbox and a new directory will be created that will show pictures in Instagram.

Using Different OS Platforms

It is not always that you are aware about using your iOS or your Android device for transferring pictures. Running different OS means having to take different steps for picture transfer. Here is how it is possible:

• For iOS, the first step is to download photos from the Dropbox app by tapping the download icon. Then save the picture.

• Android users need not download pictures that they want to use in Instagram. Go to Photos folder that you created in Dropbox, tap and hold-> Export-> Save to SD card. If you are using an older version of Android then you would first need to export pictures to your local folder that is located in your Android device. Once you save it in Gallery then from there you can export it.

Uploading Pictures to Instagram

Launch Instagram and open your saved images:

• If you are using iOS then tap the thumbnail that depicts recent camera roll images. Your pictures will start appearing at the screen bottom and this would even include pictures that are transferred from Dropbox. Tap each picture, crop if required, and then tap ’Next.’

• Access the saved images in your Android device by tapping the grid button, for the latest Android version you will be prompted to choose the location of your saved pictures. Choose the option of Dropbox.

• Tap Dropbox-> Instagram folder and select the pictures that you want to post.

• Select the editing options offered by Instagram and post them.

These simple steps involved in editing, selecting and uploading pictures in Instagram will help you in smooth transfer of pictures.

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