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Easy Steps to Healthy Food in the Internet Age

As we spend each of our fast-paced days with information hitting us with the speed of light streaming directly from social media, TV, and whatnot, we have adopted the same approach into our food habits. Elaborate meals have turned into out-of-the-frozen-pack-into-the-microwave routine or fast foods, and as a result, health has taken a flip. No wonder that diabetes and hypertension like diseases have become the norm instead of affecting a few. The blog here discusses some tips to have healthy food, without wasting much time.

Do you ever realize that all the sumptuous pizza you order frequently for dinner, or the yummy French fries with your favorite burger, and the zingy soda that claims to quench your thirst in the hottest of afternoons is actually setting you up for a long haul in a hospital, or perhaps a condition that will forbid you from eating anything of that sort for as long as you live?

Well, harsh as we may sound, it is not an exaggeration. In the world we live in today, everything is fast paced, and so is out food. But the natural beings that we are, our bodies cannot accept anything and everything that is fed into them and the end result is often painful and ugly. And that’s why, it is imperative for us to try to keep our food as healthy as possible.

Here are some tips to help you eat healthy and live a better life:

Healthy Food

1.Opt for stir-fry instead of deep fry: Stir-frying, which is cooking at a high temperature for a few minutes, retains the nutrients and requires little oil – both factors that make it much healthier than deep fried food. You can buy a non-stick wok or pan and stir-fry veggies, chicken, or fish in it.

2.Get some steamers: Another great way to cook food fast and easily without oil is steaming. Popular foods like momos and idlis are steamed. And if you think they take forever to cook, you are wrong. Just 10-15 minutes on the steamer, and it’s done.

3.Add your favorite garnishes: Often we don’t eat foods like salads because the vegetables are apparently not good to taste. But if you garnish a bowl of your not-so-favorite salad vegetables with some of your choicest ingredients like boiled eggs or cottage cheese, the unappealing taste will be disguised and you won’t have to skip your healthy salad altogether.

4.Go for heart-healthy oils: Replace your usual butter and saturated cooking oils for canola or extra virgin olive oil. A small dash of these two makes your food good to taste and healthy for your heart.

5.Replace salt with lemon: Too much salt causes high blood pressure and bloating. Use a dash of lime juice to season your foods instead of salt. You can use herbs as well – they are tastier and healthier than salt.

As you must have noticed, a little alternative way of cooking doesn’t demand much, but makes your diet considerably healthy without compromising much on taste. The condiments and oils can be easily bought from your nearest supermarkets. As for the vessels like non stick fry pans or steamers, you can easily find them online.

Do you have any more tips to share? Or there’s something you do that makes a difference to your whole routine? We’d love to hear what you have to say. Share your tips and ideas in the comments section.

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