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Easy Tips for Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone has been launched in the market recently and is already seeing an increase in its user-base. Now, with the latest edition of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone there are numerous things that you can do with it. There are new tips that you can apply for better productivity and better performance.

Let us have a look at the tips that you can apply on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

App drawer

App drawer comes with default selection that displays the apps in alphabetical order. However, you have a choice to set groups for different apps as per your convenience. Go to Menu-> View as custom, now you have the option of creating folders for managing your apps in a better way.

S Voice

The S Voice is still a part of the software but it is still not as accessible as you would want it to be. You would need to double press the Home button to get it working. However, there is a significant time lag when you are about to press it second time. You can fasten the response by making settings in the S Voice by disabling the Home button wake up option.

Screen Sensitivity

The best thing that this new Galaxy S5 offers you is the option of High Screen Sensitivity. This comes handy for users who live in extreme cold climate conditions. This mode helps you in using your device even while wearing your normal gloves. You do not require special touch screen gloves to operate it. Go to the Sub Menu in Display and scroll down to Notifications toggles.

Power Saving

For those who are frequent travelers, nothing is better than having a power saving mode. The Ultra power saving mode is one such offering by Samsung. This gives you more standby time by disabling the functionality of the CPU, as the screen goes in b/w mode theme and the background tasks are blocked. Go to the Notification-> toggle to the Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Customizing Toggles

You might be surprised to find that the notifications toggle can be customized according to your requirements. You can customize the buttons that the notifications corner contains. Tap the button located on the top right corner to reveal Toggle list-> Edit, now drag and drop buttons that you want the list to contain.

Blocking mode

If you are that unfortunate one, who receives random calls from some psycho out there then Blocking Mode is the best. This mode can come handy for blocking calls after setting your personal preferences. Go to System Settings-> Personalization-> Blocking Mode, from here you can choose to block notifications for alarms, all notifications and calls.

Edit quick settings

The customizable options are numerous when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S5. You can even make settings for accessing your favorite or frequently used programs or apps. Tweak the Settings list accordingly, go to Settings->Menu-> Edit Quick Settings and pick 12 pages that you can access easily.


At times, it happens that due to accumulation of many programs and apps your Home screen gets cluttered. Swiping across to look for your current app might be such a pain for your finger. Here is how you can ease your way through the clutter. Using the TouchWiz, you can easily locate your preferred app. The indicator dots come handy for helping you through in your app drawer and home screen, drag sideways and you can glide through pages within seconds.

These are just a handful of tips that you can apply for a better Samsung Galaxy S5 experience. You can explore even more once you get used to this new edition by Samsung.

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