Easy Tips On How To Install Green Walls

Green walls are not a novelty anymore. They are more and more becoming a part of every household that wants to improve its well being, as well as make a contribution to the environment in general. If you are intrigued about what benefits green walls bring to homes and their surrounding, as well as how to install them in the most convenient way, here are a few facts and tips on the matter.

General facts

Green walls are in fact vertical gardens made of various types of plants and flowers that can be interior and exterior, naturally depending on where they are meant to be installed. They are easy to maintain, practically self sustainable and highly durable. Also, flowers and plants used are customizable and users can choose according to their preference. Apart from aesthetical improvements, there are several other benefits that come from green wall usage and they are as follows.

Thermal isolation

Plants are good thermal isolators and this fact applies to green walls as well. They are beneficial both in cold and warm periods, increasing and reducing the temperature of the interior of houses respectively. Not only will the atmosphere be more pleasant, but the electricity bills will be significantly smaller, especially during summers since a well designed and installed green wall practically eliminates the need for air conditioning in all but tropical areas.

Sound isolation

Green wall systems are very successful in reducing the level of noise coming from the outside, as well as inside of a house. They are very often used in houses and buildings that are situated near frequent driveways and crossroads. Also, apart from reducing the level of noise, they are very effective in stopping exhaust gases, making the entire surrounding of the house a healthier place.


As it was said above, green walls are customizable, which practically even allows the creation of small works of art in the likes of various patterned and mosaic arrangements of flowers and plants of different color. However, this is just an additional option since even the simplest green wall systems improve home aesthetics, especially if the wall are cracked and damaged.

Interior benefits

Interior green walls significantly improve the quality of air, injecting additional quantities of oxygen on regular basis. Furthermore, it is a well known fact that green color is a natural antidepressant and a great way to improve stress relief, something that the majority of people will surely benefit from.


Green walls usually come in the form of frames or panels that are combined into a compact whole. As such, they are attached to the wall without being a significant load. This practically means that they can be installed on practically any type of wall. Frames or panels are then filled with soil or soil-less medium and planted. Other types of installment include felt and container systems, but they are less convenient to install and maintain. If this sounds too complicated, hiring a professional to install a green walls would be the best option.

As you can see, green walls significantly improve the quality of living for any household. Perhaps it was high time you joined the community of satisfied users.