Easy to Make Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Pecan Balls and other Candy Recipes for the Holidays or as Gift Ideas

Are you frantically searching for an easy to make recipe for the holidays or as gift ideas?


Chocolate coconut pecan balls may be just what you are searching for. It only takes 7 ingredients and it is a no-bake recipe.

You can always make the candy recipe just as it is or you can adapt it to suit your own personal taste while choosing the different ingredients that you will use as an exchange. For instance, you can always exchange walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and many other types of nuts for pecans. You can exchange different spices and herbs if you like. For instance, adding a dash of a flavorful extract or artificial flavoring will enhance the other ingredients. Of course, any time you are experimenting with adapting a recipe, you should have a notebook and pen nearby so you can write the revisions down. When you do this, you are then able to recreate the recipe again exactly as you did when you found just the right adaptation of the recipe you are using.

image1 lb. Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties & 1 lb. Pecan Log from Hale Groves


Other great holiday recipe ideas include:

Butter Toffee Crunch

Martha Washington Candy

Then again you might like to try another delicious holiday treat and make your own

Chocolate Almond Candy

If you want to make something special for others on your holiday gift giving lists, making a holiday sweet treat is not so hard. Search around and find just the right recipe for you to use and then start gathering your ingredients. Once you have everything together, just start following the recipe you choose to use and everything will be just fine.

imageVosges Exotic Truffle Collection, 32 Pieces


Choose to make a recipe you know is of your skills and never be afraid to try something a bit more challenging. If you do, before long, all your family and friends will be looking forward to the holiday treats you make for them.