Easy Tricks to Save Money

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These tricks I learned when I was an undergrad. When you are a student, you can’t really work, you don’t have time to hang around markets, you have to focus on your studies and, of course, your social.

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These money savers work.  And they don’t really sap quality.  For many items are either excessively used, or not used up before being discarded.


Cut a bar of soap in half.  You may have to use it once to get it soft to make cutting it easy.  Put one half back in the wrapper, and use the other half.

When the used piece gets very small, leave it in a wet soap dish.  Use the other half.

When the second half gets small, put it in the same wet soap dish with it’s brother and squeeze them together.  You have now gotten virtually 3 bars of soap.

When the soap is really tiny, put it into a plastic cup with water, let it melt into liquid soap.  You can use that liquid in an old dispenser or use it as is to wash your hands.

Shower Gel / Shampoo

Beauty salons have always thinned their shampoo 2 to 1; 2 parts of water to one part shampoo.  This enables a quick wash and easy rinse.  You can use it at home.

Take the gel or shampoo and mix it in the same 2 to 1.  You can use an old container and mix it a number of times; the same ratio 2 parts of water to 1 part of gel/shampoo.

You now have made 3 bottles of gel/shampoo for the price of one.

The beauty is that it  suds fast, washes off quickly there is no residue.

I usually improve the product with an addition of Aloe Vera liquid, (I grow aloe vera).  I always use the gel/shampoo to wash out ’empty’ bottles of body moisturiser, which is retained in the gel/shampoo.  In this way, not a drop is wasted and the product is enhanced.


Sure, you squeeze from the bottom. You squeeze, you roll, and then, go to toss the ’empty’ tube. Stop. Don’t throw it out!

Unroll the ’empty’ tube of toothpaste.  Use a scissors to cut off the bottom of the tube. Open it.  Put your toothbrush in, and go around the nearest area.  Use it.  You’ll notice it works although its a relatively small amount on your brush, it works.

As you clean off all the paste from the nearest area of the opened bottom, cut it off, and keep going down. You will have more than a weeks worth of toothpaste in that ’empty’ tube.


This prolongs the life and colour of your clothing.

Take pants, especially black pants, turn them inside out.  Use a damp clean sponge to wipe them down.   You can turn them outside out, and wipe them again.  They will be damp, not really wet.  Hang them inside to dry.

In this way, the Black won’t rinse off the pants giving you another pair of grey, and you won’t have to wash them, going through the whole laundry thing.

You can wear them a few times before sponging, a few times after without having to go though the actual washing.

Many items which are not really dirty just a little dusty, can be sponged.

These are just a few quick tips which save a lot of money.

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Easy Tricks to Save Money, Seekyt
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