Easy Way To Help Children Have Awesome Focus

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Easy way to help children have awesome focus can be a fun tool that children can really get into. Children have so many distractions that it makes it hard for some of them to focus. They have school, Internet, sports, dance, game systems, television, and a number of other things that compete for children’s attention. It’s easy for children to focus on the things that they love. The problem comes when they spend too much time on too many things. That leaves their minds scattered and very few things get finished. So here’s an easy way to help children have awesome focus and do better at school and in life.



Children Can Focus As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Giving children a short list of things to can help cut out some of the distraction in their minds. This is the short version of a to do list that adults use. I use a 1, 2, 3 list with my grandson that helps both of us. More about how it helps me later. When I give him his list, he knows what’s expected and when it’s expected. A 1, 2, 3 list creates order in his mind and in his life. For example, I might say, “Jai, I need you to get cleaned up, pick up, your room, and do some reading.” Then I ask him, “Jai, what’s number one? What’s number two? What’s number three?” I wait for his answer between questions and make any corrections that I need to.



A Fun Way For Children To Have Awesome Focus

Nothing helps a child focus more than having fun does. You can make it a game by timing each activity to see how fast it gets done. Another way to make it fun for children to have awesome focus is to hide a surprise in one of the task that you give them. You could use a stick of gum, a coupon for chicken nuggets, or a movie ticket to teach the idea of a reward for work. That enhances focus and could make them want to get to the next task. This point where our children want to focus and be responsible is what we really want.



Follow Up To Help Children Have Awesome Focus

Following up on your easy way to help children have awesome focus is key. There may be times when you have to ask if your child has finished a task to get them back on track. Your children will be more consistent if they know that you’re going to be consistent. So we have to make them accountable. As parent/guardians we have to be focused too.



Make It Easy For Children To Have Awesome Focus

Parents and guardians can make it easier for children to have awesome focus by being on the same page. If both of you use the ordered list it could help maintain consistency. Building consistent focus is one of the major goals of this exercise. If both parents/guardians don’t use the same focus method, the child could be as confused as ever.




Of course this easy way to help children have awesome focus won’t work for every child. You know your child better than anyone else does. So you may have to modify this tool to make it work for your family. Starting early and using this technique often could be an easy way to help your children have awesome focus.

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