Easy Way to Make 20 Dollars an Hour

I am going to show you how to make 20 dollars an hour. If you are not interested in working for someone else, then I have the perfect idea for you. I am going to show you an easy way to make 20 dollars an hour. Everyone is good at doing something that someone else needs. What I mean is that there is something you know how to do that someone else would be willing to pay you to do. No it’s nothing sketchy and it’s nothing sexual. What I am proposing is that you start cleaning for others. Whether you clean the inside of homes or clean the inside of garages or maybe you want to clean the outsides of homes like windows and siding. You can specialize if you want. General cleaning is probably easier to get work for than cleaning up a garage as that is usually a personal organizing issue.

If you start cleaning, you need minimal tools to get the job done and some home owners will even supply the cleaning supplies, they just want someone to come in and clean because they are just too busy to do it themselves or maybe it is their treat to themselves or possibly they are feeing up time so they can focus their time elsewhere. Regardless what reason the home owner needs you the fact is that they do need someone. Once you decide what kind of cleaning you want to do you can then figure out what cleaning tools and cleaner you will need to purchase, unless you are getting your customer to supply everything.

Next thing to do is to find work. You can advertise on local online classifieds for free. Make sure to leave your phone number and an e-mail to be contacted at. Specify what kind of work you are offering and supply your rate or at least mention that your rate beats everyone else or is better than competitive. Make it hard to resist contacting you. Be short and sweet with your ad, just get to the point. Within a week you should have someone contacting you for work and offering to pay you 20 dollars an hour.

For your rate you can charge whatever you want, I just suggested 20 dollars an hour as it is a decent hourly rate for you and it isn’t so high that it will turn people off from hiring you. It is a fair price all around. Getting paid 40 an hour would be nice but most people won’t pay that for cleaning services.

Make sure that once someone contacts you that you get back to them within 48 hours and never make false promises. Always carry through with what you tell your customers. Even if you make a mistake with a quote, honor it and move on. Your customer will refer you when they see how professional you run your business.

A couple of things you might want to consider other than a business license is do you need liability insurance and do you need to be bonded? It’s up to you. I think if you did those things and advertised you are insured and bondable you would be as busy as you want to be making 20 dollars an hour and maybe eventually 30 dollars an hour or even 40 an hour once you have others working for you. Or maybe you just want to keep things simple and take the odd job to pay the bills and that is it.

Regardless of how far you want to take this idea and how much money you want to make there is a ton of cleaning work available in every city and you will not have a problem finding someone to pay you 20 dollars an hour.

I hope you will agree that this article really does show you the easy way to make 20 an hour. Check out this other article if you are interested in learning other ways to make 20 dollars an hour.