News Eat a Natural Nutritional And Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Eat a Natural Nutritional And Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Chronic inflammation contributes more health problems than most people realize. And scientific research and studies continually uncover new ways that inflammation affects the human body and immune system.

It is generally thought that excessive inflammation is a root cause for long-term health problems and almost all of the leading causes of death.  In light of this, more and more health professionals recommend a natural nutritional health and anti-inflammatory diet, along with supplements like omega-3 fish oil that help reduce inflammation.

Although there are foods that have inflammation reducing properties, you want to start with a clean diet that includes as many natural raw foods as possible.  This would be in contrast to highly processed foods, with high amounts of sugar, white flour, and unhealthy fats and fatty acids.

What Are Unhealthy Fatty Acids? 

To begin with, understand that there are essential fatty acids that must come from our diet, because our body is unable to make them – these are predominantly the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

However, when these are both metabolized, omega-3 fats are anti-inflammatory, while the omega-6 fats can cause inflammation.

You can’t eliminate the omega-6 fats, because they are essential.  But that is really not the issue; the problem comes from the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 in the diet.

The average American diet has an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 15 to 1, and it is often as high as 20-30 to 1 for those whose diet is a large percentage of processed and fast foods.  Compare this to an optimal ratio of around 2 to 1, and it becomes clear as to why so many people are creating excessive amounts of inflammation in their cells and bloodstream.

Natural Nutritional Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Of course, it is not just a matter of adding better foods into an anti-inflammatory diet – we also need to eliminate the foods that are causing inflammation and leading to poor health.

The list below shows foods in different groups that are both nutritional and reduce inflammation:

•  Fruits:  Papaya, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, avocados, oranges, cranberries, cherries, guava

•  Vegetables:  Broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, kale, chicory root, leeks, green peppers, olives

•  Beverages:  Water, green tea

•  Fish:  Salmon, sardines, tuna, hoki, herring, cod

•  Herbs and Seasonings:  Ginger, turmeric, parsley, garlic, cocoa, basil, cinnamon

•  Nuts and Seeds:  Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, hemp seeds, flax seeds

Again, avoid eating processed foods and fast foods that are typically the highest in unhealthy trans-fats.

Processed foods are almost always loaded with the cheap vegetable oils that make your ratio of omega-6 fatty acids far more than they should be.  And fast food restaurant menus are full of choices that are fried in these same unhealthy oils.

Make the majority of your diet from foods that are natural and not processed.  A good rule of thumb is to try and eat single ingredient foods – the greater the number of ingredients, then more processing has been done.

And get rid of all the sugar and artificial sweeteners.  High fructose corn syrup is an artificial sweetener that is found in a huge number of different foods.  Why, because it is a cheap ingredient and it allows the producer to say it is sugar free.  But it is actually sweeter than sugar and causes the same kind of blood sugar spikes and insulin release – that causes inflammation and increased belly fat storage.

Also, it is a misconception that the biggest cause for storing fat, gaining weight, and increasing inflammation comes from eating fats.  It’s doesn’t and besides fats increasing energy and being necessary to a number of our body’s functions, there are many healthy fats that also reduce inflammation. 

The biggest problem is all of the sugar, the highly inflammatory omega-6 fats, and the hydrogenated oils.

A natural and anti-inflammatory diet is something that should be adapted as part of a nutritional health lifestyle.  This will lower the risks for a large number of long-term health problems that come from dangerous chronic inflammation.

My nutritional health and fitness website, discusses clean natural eating, along with remedies and supplements that can help get rid of chronic inflammation.

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Eat a Natural Nutritional And Anti-Inflammatory Diet
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