News Eat for Performance and Weight Loss

Eat for Performance and Weight Loss


St?rt?ng ? runn?ng ?r?gr?m ?? th? b??t ???r???h f?r l???ng th??? ??und? ?nd k????ng th?m ?ff f?r g??d. Runn?ng ?h?d? m?r? w??ght th?n ?th?r tr??n?ng ?r?gr?m?. N?t ?nl? th?t, ?t b???t? m?t?b?l??m, ?r?v?nt? h??rt-r?l?t?d ?r?bl?m?, l????n? ?tr??? ?nd ?m?r?v?? f?tn??? ?nd ?v?r ?ll h??th ?t?tu?.

N?v?rth?l???, runn?ng ?l?n? w?ll n?t h?l? ??u ?t?? f?t f?r l?f?. Y?u n??d t? b??k u? ??ur w??ght l??? ?ff?rt? w?th th? ?r???r d??t; ?th?rw???, ?x???t ?n ?ndl??? ???r?l ?f w??ght g??n ?nd furth?r ??tb??k w?th ??ur f?tn??? r???lut??n.

A? ? r??ult, h?r? ?r? ? f?w ?r??t???l d??t t??? t? g?t u? ?nd runn?ng f?r w??ght l???.

E?t f?r P?rf?rm?n?? ?nd W??ght L???

Th? ?nn?r w?rk?ng? ?f w??ght l??? ?r? n? ???r?t. T? l??? w??ght, ??u n??d t? b???t ??t?v?t? (??l?r?? burn), ?nd d??r???? ??l?r?? ?nt?k?. But th?? ?? n? r????n t? ???r?f??? ??rf?rm?n?? f?r w??ght l???. In f??t, d??ng ?? w?ll ???ll h?v?? ?n ??ur w??ght l??? ?ff?rt? ?nd ?v?r-?ll h??lth l?v?l?.

T? m?k? ?ur? ??u’r? ??t?ng f?r ??rf?rm?n??, wh?l? l???ng th? w??ght, d? th? f?ll?w?ng:

– U?? ? f??d d??r? t? ??n???nt ?r?bl?m ?r??? ?n ??ur ??t?ng h?b?t?. Id?nt?f??ng ?nd ?l?m?n?t?ng ???r?t ??l?r??? l??d?r ?u?h unh??lth? ?n??k?ng ?r ?x???? ?l??h?l ?nt?k? ?? k?? f?r l?ng t?rm w??ght l???-wh?th?r ??u’r? ?x?r????ng ?r n?t.

– E?t ?r?und ??ur w?rk?ut?. T? m?x?m?z? fu?l ut?l?z?t??n ?nd f?t l???, ??u n??d t? ??t ??m?th?ng ?t 1.5 t? 2 h?ur? ?r??r th? run, ?nd ?mm?d??t?l? r??l?n??h ??ur t?nk? ?ft?rw?rd?. Th?? h?l?? ??u k??? ??rf?rm?n?? ???r?ng wh?l? ????d?ng u? r???v?r?.

– E?t r?gul?r m??l?. T? k??? ??ur ?n?rg? l?v?l? runn?ng h?gh, ??t?bl??h ? r?gul?r ??t?ng ??h?dul? – ?k????ng m??l? ??n l??v? ??u dr??n?d, d?zz? ?nd m?r? l?k?l? t? ?v?r??t ?n ??ur n?xt m??l. A?m f?r ?t l???t f?v? ?m?ll m??l?, 4-5 h?ur? ???rt.

– G? C?m?l?x. C?m?l?x ??rb? ?r? runn?r?’ b??t fr??nd. Th?? ?r? th? m??n ??ur?? ?f ?n?rg? dur?ng th? run. Ju?t m?k? ?ur? t? ??t f?r ??rb? w?th l?w?r Gl???m?? r?nk?ng? ?? th??’r? b?tt?r f?r w??ght l??? ?nd d?n’t r??k b???t?ng bl??d ?ug?r l?v?l? – k?? f?r r?gul?t?ng hung?r.

– E?t ?r?t??n. N?t ?nl? ?r?t??n w?ll h?l? r???v?r f??t?r ?nd bu?ld mu??l? m???, ?t ??n ?l?? h?l? ??u ?u??r??? ????t?t? ?nd k??? hung?r ??ng? ?t b??.

– Run fr?m hung?r. A???rd?ng t? ?tud? ?ubl??h?d ?n th? J?urn?l ?f S??rt? M?d???n?, runn?r? h?w h?d f?n??h?d ? l?ng run ?t 50-70 ?f th??r m?x?mum ??rd?? ??????t? r???rt?d l?w?r l?v?l? ?f hung?r. Th?? ?? b?l??v?d t? b? th? r??ult ?f l?w?r l?v?l? ?f Ghr?l?n – th? h?rm?n? r????n??bl? f?r hung?r.


H?r? ??u h?v?! N?w ??u h?ld th? k??? t? ?t?rt?ng ? w??ght l??? runn?ng ?r?gr?m. Onl? ??u n??d t? d? ?? t? ?t?rt t?k?ng ??t??n. I’m n?t ? b?g ?dv???t? f?r ?v?rn?ght ?h?ng?; ??m?ng f?r ?n?r?m?nt?l ?r?gr??? ?? ? b?tt?r ???r???h. S???d ?f ?m?l?m?nt?t??n – ?v?n ?n ? ?m?ll ???l? – ?? wh?r? th? rubb?r m??t? th? r??d.

Eat for Performance and Weight Loss
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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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