News Eat Without Gaining Weight

Eat Without Gaining Weight


What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the set of reactions and physical-chemical processes the body performs to grow, reproduce, maintain their structures and be active.

Every day our body requires two types of energy to operate:

Basal Metabolism: It is the minimum energy required by our cells to survive in a resting state. It is involuntary and maintains vital functions, brain activity and body temperature.

Increased activity energy: energy is needed for activities such as exercise or simply move, work or daily activity. Unlike before, this is voluntary.

One of the main sources of energy is food. Our body metabolizes (burning) of glucose from carbohydrates for energy. While glucose is the simplest form of energy, is not alone. Also, the body uses amino acids (proteins) and fatty acids (fat) as fuel for operation. These excess nutrients are stored as fat.

If you eat the same amount of food which produce energy we spend, our body maintains a constant weight. If you eat less than what our body needs, then

May be that despite eating little food, burning food is not done properly, resulting in an increase in fat and low energy. This could be the case of a person with slow metabolism.

The rate or speed of an individual’s metabolism is governed by several factors such as age, sex, genetics, body surface area, food and fever. Hormones play an important role in our metabolism, particularly the level of hormones secreted by the thyroid as well as growth hormone and androgens. If the thyroid is not working properly, the result would be a slow metabolism, unable to consume all the energy produced by food or stored fat.

Iodine is extremely important for producing thyroid hormones, so it is important to eat foods that contain iodine, such as iodized salt and cod. It is important to know that there are foods such as cabbage, which if consumed in excess can remove the iodine the thyroid needs, causing not work well and our metabolism slows.

Another important factor is daily activity as it can accelerate to 3 times the speed of our metabolism.

What to do to accelerate our metabolism

If you think your less healthier due to a slow metabolism, the solution is simple …

MOVE, there is no better natural remedy then exercise to activate your metabolism. Remember that our body needs energy to get moving, so when we move we spend more calories. The tone and increase our muscle mass we can accelerate our metabolism.

Like a car if the engine is small gasoline will spend less in order to function normally, but if it is large consumption will be higher. Fuel is the food we eat, the engine is the amount of muscle we have and the speed is exercise.

Eat Without Gaining Weight
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