Eataly and La Scuola In New York City

New York City’s lastest, original tourist attraction opened in September, 2010. Eataly and La Scuola, it’s cooking school, is hot attraction for locals too. Eataly energized by the star power of celebrity Italian chefs, Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali, and Ms. Bastianich–of Lidia’s Italy on PBS–also serves as ‘Dean’ of La Scuola.

How to get to Eataly:

  • Eataly’s working address is 205 Fifth Avenue, where there is a small entrance, but the formal entrance is around the corner on 23rd Street. If you are anywhere in midtown, this is an easy walk in good weather with lots of sights as you enter the Flatiron District.
  • By subway, Broadway local trains, the N or R, are closest at less than half a block away. These trains exist on all sides of the landmark Flatiron building which is diagonally across the intersection from Eataly. From the west side, you can exit at 23rd Street on either F or M at Sixth, 1 at Seventh or, farthest away, the C or E at Eighth Avenue. On the East Side, get off the 6 local train at 23rd and walk passed the towering giants that once were the intensely paired competitors, New York Life and Metropolitan Life. If you have a few minutes, mosey through the recently renovated oasis in lower Midtown, Madison Square Park, resting under the trees between Madison and Broadway, just about 23rd Street.

What you will find at Eataly:

  • Italian heaven consisting 50,000 well-lit square feet with;
  1. A half-dozen restaurants featuring Italian slants on pasta, chicken, fast foods, fine wines, etc. There is also a ‘American meat’ themed more formal dining space.
  2. A selection of brightly colored utensils, so handy and decorative they’d fit well into Lidia’s own kitchen.
  3. A cooking book store.
  4. Alcove-like areas that concentrate on fish, breads, cheese and meats. Respecting New York State laws, a wine store is adjacent but must be entered and exited at the street.
  5. Wide lanes chocked full of pastas, sauces, oils (olive with many variations), produce, dairy products, baked goods (yes, I do mean Italian cookies!), gelato and LaVazza coffee.

If you love Italian cooking and/or are fans of Lidia or Mario, you won’t find many shopping pleasures more enjoyable than Eataly. You’ll be mildly surprised that such indulgence can be had without an admission charge.

Now, here’s a quick video tour of Eataly.

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