Eating Clean and Healthy. DO IT!

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Eating clean is by far a great choice, and could quite possibly be one of the best decisions that anyone could ever make! I was the guy that enjoyed eating almost everything. I would always have stomach issues, and after finding out that an extremely large portion of my family got diagnosed with several food allergies, and a disease that is called Celiacs Disease. Celiacs Disease is something that doesn’t allow you to eat Gluten. I am very thankful to not have that disease, but my food allergies in my opinion are much worse! I am not allowed not allowed to eat any type of meat, and quite a few varieties of veggies and other foods.

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Without going off topic too badly, after I found out my food allergies I decided to stick to a diet that was allergen free. My daily diet consisted of rice chex and rice milk for breakfast, rice, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, coffee and water for the rest of the day. I also purchased a container of protein powder off to get my daily dose of protein since I could not eat meat. Over the course of the first weekend finding out my allergies and sticking to it, I lost 10 pounds in just those 3 days. The weight continued to drop at what I thought was an alarming rate, but was told its normal.

After eating clean for a few weeks, my daily life changed. I was much more awake, alert, and was able to concentrate much better, which was absolutely remarkable. I personally felt like I could have been previously diagnosed with ADHD, but never actually went and got tested for it. After my diet had changed each and every single one of those symptoms had vanished, and I truly felt like a completely different person inside and out.

I truly believe this is a major problem with society. Many people go on with their daily lives, without knowing what they should and should not eat. Society in the present day relies on everything fast and convenient. The way this is, allows an individual to go to a fast food restaurant and purchase a cheeseburger for around a buck, and in the same location, they can purchase a salad for at least 3 times more than that. The same thing goes at the grocery store. You can purchase a pre packaged box with pasta and seasonings and sauces. Throw this box all in a pan with the proper measurements of milk and water and within 15 minutes you have a meal with minimal effort. To prepare a similar meal with raw and fresh ingredients, the time spent would be 3 or 4 times longer.

So why eat clean? I have read that eating clean and healthy can prevent cancer, or even cure it. I can’t remember the website I have viewed for it but cancer cells can not live in an environment that has a specific acidity level. This acidity level can be accomplished with changing one’s diet. Once again I can’t recall where I seen this, but Google it and research it!

Another reason to eat clean is to be healthier! As I have said earlier, my mind completely cleared up and my symptoms that I had claimed to be ADHD, went away completely. It also is not as expensive as most people thing. I have been able to create meals that are completely clean and healthy for roughly $1 or $2 more per serving than eating a boxed meal. Do the research and the math and take the time and you can eat healthy and clean and live a better life! Go to your local and purchase some fresh fruits and veggies!

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Eating Clean and Healthy. DO IT!, Seekyt
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