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Eating eggs for bodybuilding

In more than 13 essential vitamins and minerals it contains in varying amounts, the egg contains complete protein of the highest quality, mainly in white. Egg white provides amino acids essential in the proper proportions for efficient use, such as valine, leucine and isoleucine (also called branched chain amino acids BCAA) that can inhibit muscle breakdown and increase glycogen sparing lean body mass.

The benefits of eggs

The egg white proteins are almost so perfect that nutritionists are often seen as the fundamental reference against which we measure all other complete proteins. In the jargon, we say that the egg has a high “biological value”. This indicates the quality of proteins and their use factor for developing tissues. On a scale where 100 represents the index optimal use, the egg proteins have a biological value of 93.7. By comparison, this value is 84.5 for milk , 76 fish, 74.3 for beef and 64 for wheat and rice. These numbers mean that your muscles can absorb the egg proteins more easily than those found in any other whole food. This is probably why the practitioners of weight egg whites are a key component of their diet.

The case of egg yolks

Unfortunately, the old saying “there is no rose without a thorn” applies perfectly to the egg. If white contains neither fat nor cholesterol , this is not the case of yellow, extremely rich in cholesterol . Each egg contains about 215 mg, which is close to the maximum recommended daily of 300 mg. The egg yolk also contains 5 grams of fat, including saturated fats that clog arteries. However, recent research shows that eating whole eggs is not harmful for healthy adults who follow a low fat diet.

The dangers of egg

There is a thirty years, deadly bacteria of the genus Salmonella enteritidis were infected ovaries of hens and therefore eggs . At present, about 10,000 egg 4.5 million eggs per year is contaminated with these bacteria. Consumption of an egg infected, non-refrigerated, raw or undercooked or preparations as “eggnog” home made ??with contaminated eggs can cause symptoms ranging from nausea to diarrhea and renal disorders. But that’s not all: it is estimated that contaminated eggs kill between 200 and 500 people each year. To reduce the risk of salmonella , let raw eggs Rocky and treat eggs as if they were infected. Wash your hands with warm water and soap and clean as all that has come into contact with raw eggs, including cooking utensils. Do not allow hot food to cool before eating and put the leftovers in the refrigerator immediately. Cold foods shall be stored in a cool, including hard-boiled eggs .

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