Ebay Plans to Integrate Bitcoin in Latin America


Stepping into the Latin American markets Ebay with MercadoLibre, the localized version has announced to incorporate Bitcoin payments with its present day services. MercadoLibre, the leading market place of these countries plans to integrate the services offered by Bitcoin on Mercado Pago, the payment platform of MercadoLibre.

In an email by the company, it states that Bitcoin is the first step towards the future of the e-commerce markets as it will ensure the proper movement of the crypto-currency while allowing the transparency at the very same time. Bitcoin came as a natural choice for people in these debt-struck countries as it will provide a strong alternate to the US Dollar for making trades easily.

Bringing the Bitcoin payment options forth, it has opened doors for the crypto-currency groups to a large extent. Since Latin American countries still have a majority of the population as unbanked, Bitcoin will help eBay to improve its service. With the rolling out of Bitcoin the merchants might not see much change in their dealings except a small note in their transaction history mentioning that the payment was made via digital currency. Integrating Bitcoin with its services, it will be a step further for reaching out to the people and increasing the customer base. (To know more about Bitcoin services contact the Ebay Customer Care number, 0844 324 0499)

Bitcoin seems to be a logical and rational option in the Latin American countries as much of the population doesn’t has the access to baking facilities. Since the currency of such countries is volatile, Bitcoin will help in the currency movement better. While helping in stabilising the currency with the help of crypto-currency, Bitcoin might prove to be a blessing in the countries of Latin America as they will help them in expanding in the right direction. Though the major disadvantage of crypto-currency is that it might face hindrances because of the fact that a considerable amount of population of these nations doesn’t has an internet access either.

Though the spokesperson of Bitcoin is not yet ready to give out much information over the subject, it does say that the site might have to go subtle changes to integrate the Bitcoin in the system. The entire process might take some time but how long, the company is not sure about it. Ebay has been rolling in 13 Latin American countries and it is not even sure if all these countries will get the Bitcoin integrated services or the service will only be rolled out in some of these countries.