Ebook Review: 101+ Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website

Backlinking: An Important Traffic-Generating Tool

As writers who want to make money from Google Adsense and affiliate programs like Amazon and Zazzle, we know how important traffic is to achieving this goal. If readers can’t find our articles, then no one will be clicking ads or purchasing products. In order to get this traffic, our articles need to be appearing ideally on the first page of the search engine page results (SERPs). EVERYBODY who’s any kind of an authority on how to accomplish this always points to backlinking as a KEY component, along with keyword research, quality content, and on-page search engine optimization (SEO).

Several months ago, I came across an offer for a free ebook called 101+ Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website by Matthew Myer. I figured if I can’t find two or three ways to get backlinks to my articles out of a list of 101, then I need to have my head examined. So I got the ebook, intending to read it in a day or so and start implementing some of the backlinking strategies.

It took me close to three months to finally start reading this remarkable ebook. I’m just sorry I waited so long because I am blown away by the wealth of backlinking stragegies it contains. It’s primarily designed to get backlinks to websites, but there are more than enough strategies available for writers who want to get backlinks to their articles, profile pages, and blogs.

An Annotated List of Powerful Backlinking Strategies

Most of us are familiar with strategies like posting links to your articles on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, posting relevant comments on blogs in your niche, and using bookmarking sites specifically designed for backlinking like Social Monkee and Digg.

But did you know that there is software out there designed to automate this backlinking process in a way that provides quality backlinks from high authority sites to your articles, websites and blogs? 101+ Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website ebook and website include a host of reasonably-priced software you can use to put backlinking on autopilot.

The ebook also includes backlinking strategies that, quite frankly, I would never have considered – unique and creative (at least to me) ways to get backlinks like:

  • Developing software, plugins, and ‘apps’ with links that lead back to your website, profile page,or blog – and you don’t even need any coding experience!
  • Using ‘answer sites’ like Yahoo Answers to get backlinks.
  • Converting your articles into videos and podcasts that include links back to your website, blog, or profile page.

What I like about this ebook is that the list is annotated – there’s more than enough information included with most of the backlinking strategies to enable you to easily implement them. The author also includes pertinent tips about how to backlink properly, without spamming or using illegal ‘black hat’ tactics. Everything is above board and ethical. The ebook also contains links to detailed articles which provide additional information on how to effectively use many of the backlinking strategies it contains.

A Backlinking Ebook That’s Rebrandable

Best of all, 101+ Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website is ‘rebrandable’ which means there are 16 affiliate programs cited in the ebook that you can join to market backlinking products and services to earn a few extra bucks when you share this free ebook with others. You also get to include links to your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Fan Page, and Digg accounts. You get access to rebranding software that makes it easy to join these affiliate programs and have your affiliate links and social media account usernames automatically included in the ebook.

I will say that it took me an entire afternoon to sign up with all of the programs. But I found an easy way to do it. Simply create a list in Notepad of all of your affiliate codes as you sign up with each program, and then copy and paste them into the appropriate fields in the rebrander. The only problem I experienced is that one of the affiliate programs wants a PayPal address that isn’t associated with one of the free email services, so I was unable to sign up with that one since I use one of those free services for my PayPal address. And I don’t have a Facebook Fan Page at this point, but when I get around to creating one, I can go back and rebrand the ebook to include it.

More Than Just a List of Backlinking Strategies

101+ Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website has its own Facebook Fan Page where objective reviews of the affiliate products included in the ebook are regularly posted, as well as articles and other valuable information on backlinking in general and the many ways in which Fan Page members are marketing their rebranded ebooks. And the ebook’s main website has a wide range of FREE backlinking and other SEO tools that you can use to generate traffic and do a lot more. Links to all of these sites are included in the ebook.

This is a resource that you definitely do not want to be without if your goals are to:

  • Make effective use of backlinks to drive targeted traffic to your articles, websites, profile pages, and blogs;
  • Provide a valuable, free resource to others; and
  • Make some cash in the process.

Click here to get your free, rebrandable copy of 101+ Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website.


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