Ebooks versus Traditional Books – which is better?

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The digital age introduced us to a world where high-tech devices are essential tools in order to make our lives easier and convenient. With the invention of android devices, it’s now easier to stay connected to certain things we had trouble accessing before.

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Most people nowadays prefer to do their stuff online from their devices. From paying bills to running their business. You can now even make an international call for free as long as you have internet access and an app that provides free audio or video calling.

But for me, one of the best things that happened on this new age are the ebooks. I consider myself a bookworm. I’ve been reading since I was a kid and I’ve been buying soft or hard copies of books that interests me. I have a mini-library where I keep most of them and I also have some boxes here where I stash some of the not so favorite ones.

However, I realized that there are still lots of books that I want to read but doesn’t know where to put anymore. Space became a big problem for me as I no longer have room where I can put my books. Additionally the books I want to read keeps piling up. As the days goes by, I find a lot of interesting novels being published and I can no longer keep up with them.

Ebooks however became a solution to this problem. To be honest, I was totally against it before because I think I won’t feel the thrill and excitement of reading a novel if I’m to read it on a device. One of the things I look forward to when reading is the process of turning a page from the first one to the last. In the end though, I gave in and tried downloading an ebook reader from my android device.

It was not as exciting as reading a physical book, but I would say that it made my reading experience easier. All the books that I want are stored in one device, arranged according to my preference. Best part is I don’t get lost from the last part I read because aside from the bookmark, I can highlight the last sentence or word I read before I switched off the device. In other words, I can just open the device and have no trouble getting to the next part of the story.

My only concern with some ebooks are the typographical errors and sometimes the layout itself. Other than that, I can say that ebooks became a user or rather reader-friendly tool for me. I still won’t give up traditional books though. I still buy them, but I noticed that I buy actual books that I really really want compared to few years ago that I buy everything even books that I won’t read again.

So which is better? In my opinion both have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing though is that both lets you do what you want…read.

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Ebooks versus Traditional Books – which is better?, Seekyt
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