Economy of Dubai and Tourism

Dubai is an important tourist destination and port (Jebel Ali) is the center of commerce in the Middle East.

In 2004, with the introduction of the International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai has been able to develop as global hub for service industries such as IT and finance.

The government has set up spaces within the city in order to attract foreign companies. This represented the greatest economic success of Dubai.

The economy has benefited from the development of new technologies of information and communication due to the creation of Internet City and Media City.

Dubai has prompted many companies to open a database communication operative in the Middle East, among them CNN.

Dubai is now behind the capital Abu Dhabi in terms of well-being. Most tourists think that the majority of revenues come from oil. In fact, only a small part comes from oil and was used to build the infrastructure for trade, industry and tourism, needed to start the economy.

About 95% of Dubai’s gross domestic product is not from oil.

Expected for the year 2010 the revenues generated by oil represent only 1% of gross domestic product while tourism 20%. These figures explain why the Dubai invigorate and diversify its economy to survive the depletion of oil reserves.

There is a great interest of airline companies in Dubai. Air Ticket Booking is available online on internet. Approximately all the airline companies of the world offer air ticket booking.

In the early 90s there was one a few hotels for tourists. Now hotel industry have much interest in Dubai. World’s best hotels are in Dubai. Websites offer online Booking of Hotels for Dubai on internet. Can not rely on fuel reserves, unlike the capital Abu Dhabi, Dubai was forced to change.

The project started in 1994 from the Burj Al Arab hotel gave new hope to the economy as an example of long-term strategy that aims to transform Dubai premier tourist destination.

Since then Dubai has always been ahead and quickly turned into a place for investors with a great potential in terms of tourism.

The city aims to attract 15 million visitors by 2015.