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Educate Yourself About Online Laptop Support Tools Used by Professionals

After attempting the self-help support for your nonfunctional laptop, you look for professional support. In the current time, when we talk of professional laptop support, online support surfaces up as a good option. Before taking up online laptop support, you must educate yourself in this regard so that you don’t get cheated. This article talks about the best tech support tools that professionals use.

When your laptop stops functioning properly, then for instant assistance, you go for online support. To extend online laptop support, professional connect to your laptop through remote connection. As you must be aware, while there are various advantages of online technical support, there on the other hand it is also a common platform to disseminate laptop infections.

That is why it is very imperative that before allowing a remote tech expert to establish a remote connection to your device, you should have some knowledge about what tools or technology they will be using. That will help you in staying alert and sense the threat if things go fishy.


Many professionals use TeamViewer as the online technical support remote application. This tool is used in different ways. The professional will direct you to download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application. This application can run without any system configuration or administrator access. Once you run it, you will get a session ID and password. You need to provide this ID to that tech professional, and then only he or she will succeed in connecting remotely to your laptop. The program got no setup process. You just need to download the program, double-click it to launch it, get the password, share with the tech expert and remote connection will get set in no time.

Beware that the program has an option in its setting that will provide the tech expert unattended access to your laptop. That means he will gain permanent remote access to your device even without needing the password from your end. As long as your computer remains on, he will be able to access your device remotely.

It’s better if you don’t opt for this setting and chose the password sharing process only as that will keep the connection safer.

Windows Remote Assistance

If your laptop runs on Professional editions of Windows, then you can get your laptop technical support via Windows built-in remote assistance feature. Using this feature, you can send a remote assistance invitation to a tech support professional and invite him to assist you with your computer.
It is a convenient option because here you don’t need to take up any installation process as the program is already there in your Windows laptop. Thus, the remote tech support guy won’t get the chance of installing anything on your device. That will mitigate the otherwise, common threat that supports guys secretly to install viruses.

To launch Windows Remote Assistance, perform the following steps:

• Open the Start menu

• Type Windows Remote

• Press Enter or navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Maintenance -> Windows Remote Assistance.
Invite tech experts only from reputed and trusted PC and laptop support firms. Next, select Easy Connect and provide them the password that will give them the remote access to your device.


Remote support is possible over Skype as well. Skype has a screen-sharing feature and comes installed on the laptop. Through Skype, your tech support guy won’t get remote access to your device. It’s just that you will be able to share your laptop screen with them and through Skype calling or chatting they can direct you through the troubleshooting process. If you are not certain about the legitimacy of the technical support guy at the other end, then you can choose this option.
That will not give him any remote access to your screen but at the same time you might get professional assistance by flashing your screen to them.


LogMeIn is another very popular remote desktop solution. It is a paid solution for businesses. You can use this tool if your laptop has a Professional or higher version of Windows. In this option, you will require port forwarding then only your machine will become accessible from the Internet. LogMeIn is a bit complicated tool.

Thus, now you know about the most commonly used tools through which professional offers online laptop support. Knowledge about these tools will certainly help you in being safe over the remote connection.

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