Education, can it save the world?

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Education may very well be the key to a safe, peaceful and prosperous world. It is generally accepted that those who have obtained a higher education have a higher standard of living than their less educated counterparts, but they also tend to have a much greater interest in world events. Also they are more likely to debate and discuss those events, resulting in the sharing of ideas which could solve the problems. They are more likely to own a home, which makes them invested in their communities. Making it more likely they contribute both intellectually and financially to their community.

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Then there is the direct impact of higher education. Science has advanced society by leaps and bounds, this includes medical science, we are living longer with a much higher quality of life then did our predecessors. Ailments that would have meant a certain death ten years ago are now very treatable. With advances in energy production and storage we may one day reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and become truly energy independent. Engineers are making great contributions to our world. And there is currently a great shortage of Engineers. Engineers may very well be the answer to some of our most recent and devastating issues. Just as they earthquake proofed buildings in California, they may figure out a way to tsunami proof our coastal areas. Think of the lives that would be saved. Because it’s not a matter of if another one hits, it’s a matter of when it hits.

Education is probably one of the most important issues facing us today. There are actually some who believe we should do away with public education all together. I for one certainly hope it never comes to that. If it were to occur, within a couple of generations the U.S. would become a third world country. I am actually of the opinion that there should be a public higher education system in place, where all who want to pursue college could. I am not saying do away with private schools and colleges, just that, in order to compete with the rest of the world money for education should not be a limiting factor. So it is in all of our best interest to support education, and now would be a great time to pursue a higher education.

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