Educational Resources On The Web


The system of education or imparting of knowledge has undergone a major evolution through the past few decades. The conventional method of learning and referring to study materials through books and journals have increasingly been replaced by online education methods and referencing to relative websites or portals that carry information catering to the needs of the students. Although physical existence of books is still considered a preference by many teachers and parents, for the students the shift towards online educational resources indicates towards a major paradigm shift in this area.

Free Educational Resource

Online or web-based information and knowledge resources are mostly available for free without any additional charges. Web based educational materials are available in various information websites that have text, video messages or audio files that help in developing knowledge in an all-round manner. These websites hold information on various subjects or disciplines and in a manner that is primarily used while teaching in schools and colleges. This helps the students to relate to the study materials easily and use them as reference without any complications faced in understanding the matter. These websites along with other information portals such as blogs by trained and credible authors, educational institutes are also available. Keeping it free to access makes it easier for many students who are economically challenged.

Fee based Educational Resource

While internet is a platform that ensures that everyone browsing through find no dearth of information anywhere in the online space, some of the educational institutes prefer to keep it and available as a paid service. This is mainly noticed in case of niche educational institutions or research websites, tutorials or websites hosting online versions of the books that are premium and rarely available. These websites are mainly accessed and used by colleges and universities who prefer to take an annual subscription based on the number of usages and renew the same according to the demand. These websites are mainly known to be fruitful for teachers and professors, and for research scholars who find it profitable to pay and use such services. The teachers can make use of these websites to form their daily notes and share with the students to give them perspectives other than what is already available in the text books.

Google more to get useful resources

Google is the one stop destination for any information or study material required under the sun for any and every one. Google, the internet browser, ensures that no one returns empty handed when it comes to providing and accessing knowledge. Although the websites browsed in Google are user generated, the vast amount of information makes it easier for people to find answers to any questions. Apart from the free and paid websites hosting information, other small websites and knowledge portals available in Google are also helpful and should be used more frequently.


There is no doubt in the fact that web based educational resources make it easy for students, teachers, professors or research scholars to access information anywhere anytime. It helps in accomplishing tasks in an improved and informed way.