Effective And Efficient Wall Paper Removal Techniques

Wall Paper Removal Techniques

Sometimes the simple ‘face lift’ that your house needs to have a brand new look again is simply removing the old wallpapers and putting on new ones. But anyone who has ever tried removing old wallpapers will openly tell you that this is no easy task. Wallpaper stripping is often tedious and very time consuming especially to the ordinary homeowner who has no professional background in handling the job. While there are many professionals who can get the job done perfectly for you out there, you need not spend money on wallpaper removal with the right information on the available effective easy to perform wallpaper removal techniques.

Chemical Removal Products

Most modern wallpapers have very strong adhesives that cannot easily be removed with many of the traditional wallpaper removal techniques that you may know of. As a result using chemical wallpaper removal products is often the best and easiest way to get the job done quickly and flawlessly. Once you have the necessary chemicals with you, the rest of the work is quite simple. You will first create perforations on the wallpapers you want to remove with your putty knife. The perforations are just meant to create space where you can apply the chemical products and allow them to spread for the wallpapers to be removed.

To ensure that all the wallpapers come out, apply enough amounts of the chemicals on the scorings created on the wallpaper then after allowing some time for the chemicals to take effect, scrap off the wallpapers.

Steam Technique

The steam technique is one of the most basic wallpaper removal techniques that many people have been using. Just so that you may know, this technique is best suited for old wallpapers that usually had fairly weak adhesives. It has little differences to the chemical removal procedure for you will too be required to create scorings on the wallpapers that you want to remove but this time instead of using chemicals, you will place a steamer close to the scorings as the steam or rather moisture is what we are using to detach the wallpapers from the wall here.

Make a point of holding the steamer close to the wallpapers for several minutes to allow the steam to effectively work on the adhesives ensuring that the wallpapers are completely removed.

Know your walls

The above two wallpaper removal techniques should serve you best depending on whether your wallpapers are old or new but as you are carrying out this exercise, there is often the pending risk of damaging ones walls which may result in uncalled for costs in later repairing them. Therefore take time to know what kind of wall your house has. Are they plaster or dry walls! A dry wall usually produces a hollow sound when tapped so if this is the type of wall you have at home, you will need to be a little more careful as you are scrapping off the wallpapers or scoring because it is mostly weaker than plaster walls hence prone to damages.

Understanding which class of wallpapers you have is also an important tip in knowing which wallpaper removal techniques to use. Wallpapers with peelable top layers are normally difficult to remove than strippable wallpapers hence more often than not will force you to use chemical wallpaper removal techniques.