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Effective Computer Support Tips to Get Rid of 0x80070570 Error Code

A computer error is a big problem for the PC users and the error 0x80070570 is certainly one of the worst you may face. It is a typical common error that bothers users by exhibiting itself in different ways. The error normally appears on the PC screen within a dialog box. Repairing it can be quite challenging for an average computer user as the dialog box contains no clue on how to fix the error. Thus, in this article you can learn some easy computer support troubleshooting tips to fix the error 0x80070570.

Understand the Error

This error directly doesn’t impact the PC, but it might affect certain functions of the computer. For instance, it can freeze the programs or can lock down the applications. As a result, you will not be able to use your system properly.

You might face this error in several situations. However, while installing Windows updates, you have the highest chances of facing this error. Whether you try a normal Windows install or a service pack installation or a clean install, you can get the error half way through the installation process. The popping up of the error will stop the update installation process in between.

Get the Error Fixed

As stated above, this error can occur at many stages of system’s operation. In accordance with that even the computer repair solutions are equally diverse.

Tech Support Troubleshooting Tip 1: Retry Installation

To install updates, you click on the ‘Install Now’ button and begin to install Microsoft Windows updates. The wizard initiates the installation process, and it successfully runs up to 10% or 20%. Then it gets stopped by the error 0x80070570.

While trying to install Windows updates, if you face the scenario mentioned then the straightforward solution is to try reinstallation but in a different manner. To fix the error, perform the following steps:

• Hit the ‘Cancel installation’ button, before reaching the 10% or 20% slot. That means you need to cancel the installation process before it gets stuck of its own.

• That will roll back the installation process.

• Now, immediately click on ‘Install Now’ once again without rebooting the system.

• This time the installation should run smoothly.

Tech Support Troubleshooting Tip 2: Run Memtest86+

Corrupt memory is another probable cause of the error. Thus, to fix the error, you need to confirm that your system’s memory is working fine. For that check the memory modules of your system. These modules should be in a good working condition. Manually checking that is not possible. You need to use a memory-diagnostic tool such as Memtest86+.

Tech Support Troubleshooting Tip 3: Clean the Registry

If the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips don’t fix the error, then most likely you have a corrupt registry that is bringing up the error 0x80070570.

The registry is a fundamental database of Windows computers. It comprises comprehensive data related to the Windows settings and applications. After years of PC usage, the registry might become corrupted or faulty if there are damaged files or corrupted registry keys. Corrupted registry keys lead to incorrect data entries. Thus, it is imperative to remove these unwanted or corrupt data entries from the registry to rectify this error.

You can clean the registry either manually or can use a registry cleaning tool. Manually removing the corrupted or invalid unwanted registry keys is a long and complicated process. Also, it is risky as the operating system might get damaged if you wrongly attempt this method. So, you must get extra cautious if you are manually removing the unwanted entries.

Using a registry cleaner is the best method recommended by computer support experts. A registry cleaner quickly scans your complete system and digs out the faulty registry entries. Then, it removes those without hampering the functioning of your operating system.


As stated above, this error can freeze your applications and programs, so it’s very much essential that you get the error fixed as soon as possible. The computer support troubleshooting tips mentioned above are helpful and effective in getting rid of this error. But if you still can’t fix it on your own, then dial to an online computer repair firm and avail professional troubleshooting support.

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