Effective Resume Writing Tips: How to Ace a Job Search

According to research, recruiters follow a consistent visual path in reviewing a resume. In a span of six seconds, majority of them tend to focus only the applicant’s name, his current post or employer, his previous work, his employment start and end dates, and education. Hence, hiring managers regard organized and well-written application summaries that are easier to read and understand.

Despite limited time, however, they can easily determine even the smallest mistake in your document, including wrong grammar and spelling errors, incorrect use of punctuation marks, and inconsistent format. Thus, to make the most of your resume, here are effective resume writing tips that will help you win the job.

Read the job description. Before writing your application, you have to evaluate whether your skills and qualifications comply with the job post requirements. Hence, reading the job description will help you determine if you’re a perfect candidate for the position.

Some points that you may consider in analyzing a job outline are: a) evaluating your job experience and skills; b) identifying and highlight the educational requirement; c) paying attention to detail; and d) determining daily activities that are involved in doing the job, including work hours, specific duties, location, and daily tasks.

Use keywords. According to research, almost 80% of employers utilize an applicant tracking system (ATS) to pre-screen qualified applicants. Hence, they use key words and phrases relating to skills, training, degree, and job titles in finding the right candidate. Read the job description carefully to know the buzzwords you can use. Some of the most important keywords include:


Choose a format. There are three types of resume formats you can use. Each has its specific use depending on your situation.
Chronological – commonly used by those who don’t have major employment gaps
Functional – used by job seekers who are changing careers or have gaps in employment history
Combination – used to highlight skills that are relevant to the job post

Focus on relevance. A winning resume shows that you, as the applicant, can help the company achieve its goals. In writing your application tool, focus more on skills that are relevant to the job post rather than the actual duties you performed.

Proofread your paper. Proofreading is probably one of the most effective resume writing tips every applicant should know. Whether you are sending your document through mail or posting it online, make sure it does not have misspelled words and grammatical errors.