Effective Ways to Discipline Your Toddler

As your children grow they will push limits and will need to be disciplined. Disciplining your child is never easy but with toddlers, it can be downright difficult. Learning effective ways to help your toddler understand what they did wrong and learn the consequences of their actions is very important. Here at Naudain Academy we understand this and offer a few tips to help you with those tough times. While it’s never fun or easy, here are a few methods to help you be efficient and effective with your toddler.

Be Consistent

With all your routines and discipline, be consistent with your little ones. Routine and consistency help to make life easier for you both. If you say something is going to happen, you need to make it happen. Try to have a consistent routine for eating, naps, playtime, and other errands. While it can’t always happen, the more consistent you are with routine, the better your child will be able to handle the day ahead of them.

Know Your Child’s Trigger Points

You can tell somethings will cause your child to have problems. If you know something will cause your child to misbehave, try to remove it from the situation. If you see something that is dangerous , move it away. Knowing what will trigger your child to misbehave can help to prevent a lot of stress on you both.


Avoid Stress

If you’re going grocery shopping, be sure to have the toddler well fed and their naps out of the way before heading off. A sleepy child is an unhappy child and that can mean catastrophe for both of you. Remove them from stressful situations and remember they are not adults. They are children who are still learning about the world around them and how to handle all those big emotions they are feeling. If you’re stressed, chances are your toddler will be as well.

Try To Hold Your Emotions

While it is difficult when you’re having to get on to your child the fifteenth time for the same problem, hold those emotions back. Yelling at them or getting upset will only cause more problems. Be as calm as you can and help to explain what behaviors they are not allowed to do. Staying calm, firm, and consistent is key when you’re disciplining your toddler.

Time Out

Remember you can use a time out for your toddler but the time outs usually runs a minute for their age. So for your two year old that is misbehaving, they can sit for two minutes in a time out chair to help them calm down. Sometimes parents call it break time to help them understand they need to stop and take a break instead of it being a negative influence. You can have a specific chair that is set up in a quiet space away from toys and other distractions. This can help them understand better what their time out is about.



If your child keeps repeating an action you have told them to stop, use the toddler’s short attention span to your advantage. Distract them with some other action you would prefer them to do. By taking their attention elsewhere you can easily get the desired action out of them, typically without a breakdown.

Remember toddlers do not think like adults. They are not mini-adults and you must think like they do at times. There are many effective ways to get your point across while maintaining your emotions. Be consistent at all times so they know their boundaries and what the consequences will be. They are learning everyday what the outside world means and are flooded with new emotions. Helping them understand themselves and what you expect from them makes life easier for both you in the end.