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The Effortlessly Chic Scandinavia


It’s green, sustainable and stunningly beautiful! Sometimes, days seem endless here and then, there are nights that just don’t seem to end. But no matter what, Scandinavia is a place that will leave an indelible impression on your soul. The place with majestic aurora borealis and enthralling rock festivals has a lot to offer. Ecotourism goes beyond cycling in this region and the expanses of wilderness are epic. This is a list of some intoxicating places that you should be visiting when you travel to Scandinavia!

The Effortlessly Chic ScandinaviaNorthern Lights in Norway

You can’t miss the magical lights! Also known as the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights can be seen in the Tromso region of Norway. People from all over the world travel to Scandinavia for experiencing this incredible natural phenomenon. This magnificent display of light takes place as solar winds are trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. The coloured flames show when particles clash with atmosphere, causing the lights to turn on. But that’s just the scientific blabber. You have to visit this place to discover its true enchantment.

Legoland in Billund, Denmark

Legoland is every kids’ dream. And if you are traveling the Scandinavian region, then you should definitely visit this place with your little ones. This famous Danish theme park consists of several indoor and outdoor activities to keep your family entertained and kids’ occupied. Plus, there are 340 billion pieces of Leg, which can be used to make a lots of Lego toys in amazing details.

The Effortlessly Chic ScandinaviaBlue Lagoon in Iceland

What can be more exotic and relaxing than to soak in the warm waters of the natural geysers? A number of such thermal pools are located near Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. These pools are open for public throughout the day. So, whether it’s cold or sunny, you need to travel to Scandinavia and take a dip in one of these pools. It’s like being pampered by Mother Nature!


The scintillating Swedish capital of Stockholm is one of the most scenic and sophisticated cities in Europe. It combines chic sophistication with old world charm, consisting of medieval alleys and old castles. The place has one of the world’s largest collection of museums. And the combination of old and new is contrasted by green pastures that give this place an invigorating feel. The conglomeration of new and old leads to a high quality of life here.


One of the rainiest cities in the world, Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. Located on the foreground of the fjord of Byfjorden, the city has a fair share of grandeur adding to its beauty. Characterized by wooden houses dominating the waterfront, many consider this city to be the most beautiful in Norway. However, if you intend to travel to Scandinavia don’t miss the train ride from Oslo to Bergen, as it is one of the top five scenic train journeys in the world.

The Effortlessly Chic Scandinavia
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