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Eight essential traits of a successful Real Estate Agent


Home sellers usually have lack of experience with real estate agents. That’s the biggest reason most of us fail to distinguish between a good and professional realtor from the rest. Exceptional property agent is like a conductor that guides a group towards end goal; successful house sale. If you’re struggling from the same dilemma, read on to know some qualities of a good real estate agent.

  1. In-depth knowledge

To be a good realtor, it’s incredibly important having detailed knowledge of latest property trends, their effects on local and international market. Let’s say someone’s planning to move in local neighbourhood from abroad or simply wishes relocating overseas! A real estate agent would possess a detailed list of all available homes for sell or rent with special attention to various property laws. Customers usually seek agents having a credible reputation and a proven track record so why not land perfectly over their expectations!

  1. Updated & proactive

An organised and detail-oriented agent is likely to amass more customers and compete over long-term. Successful agents are well aware of even the tiniest modifications to improve a house sale while being creative and proactive with their listings. They’re likely to respond to customer queries more quickly and arrange timely appointment.

  1. Social connections & representations

Top agents are mostly associated with reputable agencies having a detailed, prospective buyers list. They’ve a large social network with local and international clients alongside real estate agents plus agencies. Maintaining a strong social relation with all of these is crucial for success and mere survival.

  1. Tenacity/Persistence

Sellers usually look for agents that are socially active and have a tenacious personality. They’re quick, hardworking and confident with a non-surrendering attitude towards ongoing market flux and economic turmoil affecting real estate. Best realtor isn’t afraid to speak as long as he’s convinced on knowledge and market update. He should be promotional in a way as selling his own home.

  1. Elegant & spruced

Sellers usually work hard on preparing their homes for display and they need a professional realtor to represent it in best manner. Agents with flair emanate confidence making prospective buyers feel comfortable. These realtors are likely to proceed with utmost care ensuring maximum returns and less diversification.

  1. Technology awareness

A good agent has insight over latest technological trends that are likely to affect real estate market as well. Internet today is a source of more than 90 percent information and with frequent changes, it’s crucial to move along and stay competitive. Learn the importance of real estate portals, tools and other peripherals that may come in handy!

  1. Honest & precise

Both, buyers and sellers need an honest agent to guide them properly with least chances of flaws. An honest agent stands out of the crowd due to his strategic policies that save customers and clients valuable money. In-short, working with such agents won’t bleed your pocket dry while information they provide is close-to 100 percent precision.

  1. Diligent

Realtor should be tireless especially when it comes to satisfying all customers. No doubt, their duty is hard and brainy but as they say; “no pain, no gain”! The more you work hard, more success is likely to follow your footsteps.

When dealing with a highly competitive real estate like Jumeirah Village in Dubai, an agent must have the above characteristics for imminent victory.

Eight essential traits of a successful Real Estate Agent
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