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Eight things you need to know to buy a used car online.

Eight things you need to know to buy a used car online.

Eight things you need to know to buy a used car online.

I’ll give some tips for buying a used car online, most of these simple tips can be applied or extrapolated to buying a used car is the way it is where you base the search for your vehicle even if you do not use Internet search. Most of these tips are based on prior experience and the application of reasonable logic.


When we began the search for a vehicle, most of the time we go to ad portals or sale of spare parts, there can be found both individual and professionals. portals that are selling items of all kinds, but with a great presence and range of vehicles and therefore commonly used by professionals for vendors and buyers.


Whatever the desired option, before starting the search would be good to apply some filters such as vehicle situation since we are not in a position to make long journeys see or test drive a car. Another important filter to apply and that’s always good internet option is if we want a family, year enrollment diesel, or kilometers. All these filters give us the option to make the first approach.

Eight things you need to know to buy a used car online.
Eight things you need to know to buy a used car online.

On many occasions when we start with a budget, and we put our maximum spending amount we realize that we can only buy cars with x years or many km. If you find yourself in a situation, you should prioritize in terms of your goals.


If you prefer that the vehicle is safe and modern with the latest technology, you should opt for vehicles with fewer years, but to the detriment of those vehicles that have many kilometers, in these cases you should evaluate your priorities.



Once you choose a range of vehicles that fit with what you want, you should try to stay with the best option. This means that he has equal kilometers, antique, price and features, using a scale of values to make your purchase as possible approaches an excellent buy.



If you have already selected several models, ensures that the car is a renowned brand in the durability of their engines and chassis, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc. among others. Seat and Skoda would be a more economical alternative to Volkswagen engines. If you meet with the choice of two identical vehicles years even if the low-end car has fewer kilometers I would consider buying the vehicle whose engine is more durable since it can ultimately be a successful purchase. Another advantage of buying a vehicle is its high average trading range throughout his life, the loss of value over time is lower. The ease of finding spare parts. It all depends on what you seek, since in the opposite direction for the same budget can buy another model of lower range but with fewer kilometers and more modern. You should study both options, but in either case always watches the points or tips that we describe here.

The fewer kilometers BETTER:

Our advice is to always buy the vehicle with the fewest possible kilometers, but this of kilometers must be remembered that often can be manipulated to detect this we advise you to use your intuition and some help. If you see a newly registered car with a few kilometers to the same or lower than other vehicles in the same price range and year, consider why their price, call the owner and ask that the vehicle has been used. Often some vehicles have belonged to fleet leasing companies in which models with less than two years have been quite present a lot of kilometers in a short time, reaching more than 160,000 km in less than two years. These are perfect victims to be resold as vehicles with few kilometers, if the vehicle is the truth which is about two or three years, calls the book reviews of the vehicle is the warranty certificate kilometers. If you do not provide the book of reviews sealed begins to ask yourself that something is wrong with the kilometers, if you still want to give a vote of confidence to the seller requests a report from the vehicle and check the origin of the vehicle to check the current owner and number of transfers. The vehicle of a single owner neat is best choice and reliable, but maybe even in cars with a few years we meet more than one or two transfers in the vehicle report, which we can give the impression that the car has I passed through several hands businesses, and that trance except that the book has disappeared reviews the number of kilometers is closer to being able to be manipulated. When you buy a vehicle with more years, as he tries to seek vehicles notebook, and if this is not possible, make a report of vehicle in which you can contrast the number of kilometers which appears in the report and were listed on ITV. In this case also let yourself be guided by vehicles with the fewest possible serious and formal transfers by salesmen. Another tip when we choose vehicles x km is to ask if the clutch or the timing belt has been changed. And when they have been changed, note that the belt should be changed approximately between 80,000 and 160,000 km, depending on the models, but continued with the example, if the vehicle is less than 80,000 km and these are real, this should not have been replaced even.

Finally sometimes you find vehicles many years and very few kilometers, in this case when you go see the vehicle check it carefully, talk to the seller ask, check the engine for damage sleeves, look etc. Look at the model and date of the tires, if you really have so few kilometers less than 60,000 km tires should be the original home with an advanced medium wear. If the vehicle has an obvious wear, it start thinking that something home. However it all depends on the vehicle model is not the same a small gasoline vehicle a high-end diesel vehicle. In both cases it would be impossible to compare because they would be too many kilometers in one, the other is normal and reasonable.



Today there are a high proportion of vehicles on the market for sale with more than 200,000 km, and it is not crazy to buy if it is renowned vehicles that have been taken and their daily inspections and maintenance. These vehicles can reach a very high rate of kilometers in good condition and with all its benefits, in these cases seek to ensure that the kilometers are reliable and real.

buy a car segunamano


Our advice is that when searching for a vehicle, carefully read the features and what the seller says the car. But ask the seller before or when you go to see the vehicle. If we find several choices of vehicles with identical kilometers, please stay with those in which most of them have been made on the road. The vehicles with the kilometers done in town is more sustained, note that the constant shifting and use of the clutch, braking and accelerating short relationships. Although wear good use of the vehicle is made. In this regard suggest that you request the report of vehicle, since it gives us very important information in this regard, and shows us the purpose for which it was intended the vehicle, we can find that the vehicle has been operated as a taxi, or for teaching conductors. They are two of the prime examples of vehicles kilometers traveled in town. For driving school car must be added the use or wear and tear of the newcomers who have driven the vehicle.

A good option is to search listings of dealers, who in many of the units guarantee that sells kilometers in writing, and provide book reviews of the official house. On many occasions, a saving in the price of the vehicle is ultimately a bad investment, so sometimes a financial investment for these characteristics or guarantees compensates.

Vehicle maintenance.

As in the previous points, we will refer to the vehicle maintenance when we are evaluating various models with identical kilometers and technical characteristics, year of registration or extras. Following a scale best buy would be one vehicle that has the homework done, This means that depending on the kilometer or years, it has followed the manufacturer’s recommendations in a few changes and replacement of parts such as filters, liquid oil, and very important timing belt or distribution kit if applicable or should such substitution has been made. I also recommend that when deciding between two vehicles with same values kilometers positively changed and who has made all maintenance recommended by the manufacturer manual. That is included clutch, timing belt, brake pads etc. And if you can bring this vendor invoices workshop that shows that maintenance and date. If the issue of maintenance you’re interested, and wants to make sure the vehicle has been careful in this regard, that vehicle that despite providing the above gives us the book of reviews sealed the official home of the early years is another guarantee more to consider. On the Internet, we can find many vehicles that comply with this requirement since many dealers offer this type of occasion vehicles kilometers certificate and book reviews.

considering a used vehicle

Professional or personal?

What matters is not what kind of salesman but as the vehicle and who is the person or dealer who sells you, both can do more or less successful shopping. The advantages of buying from a dealer in time is that we can benefit from additional guarantees, funding vehicle, obtain the vehicle completely revised, and the best with guaranteed kilometers. In the case of a private seller, the option to negotiate the price is broader and most of the time, prices are less than equal model of vehicle. In both cases the risk taken is equal, and may leave the vehicle good or bad, it all depends on the choice we make, and we buy our vehicle with the largest possible number of data such revisions or changes bills, itv Last, vehicle report in hand, and if possible guarantee.


time to see the vehicle has come, because the price we block, we asked vehicle traffic report and no charges or liens, ITV is also the last, and everything is normal.

When you need to see a vehicle, use your intuition, ask questions and see the details. Look at the interior and exterior of the vehicle, a vehicle generally unkempt inside means a little careful owner, therefore, who may not have carried out the necessary checks, he does not mind the condition of the car. Car care within normal inside, but dented and very sloppy out, can make us understand that a person relatively careful, but whose vehicle may have been driven carelessly, being novice driver, and perhaps inappropriate use of clutch ect .. changes if the vehicle still suggests you confidence, fail to renegotiate the price, pointing these deficiencies. Question about uses that have had if city or highway, or mixed. Do not forget to ask for revisions and changes required parts. A caregiver knows your vehicle 100% of people suspected doubt whether such a filter has been changed or tablet, clutch or belt. Look at the tires, and checks the status, if they are worn and expected an imminent change for you coméntaselo recess. Although we are not mechanical, ask him to be the bonnet, notice any abnormality find and question, check leaks, sleeves chopped overall. Therefore it follows the advice we gave in these two articles link.

We also give advice in this other article on what we should look when starting the vehicle and tried, but on how to examine the vehicle on the link.



We summarize the issues to be considered and which seem relevant to the choice of the vehicle and do not buy blindly.


Fiscal and legal status request vehicle report: Loads or embargoes, ITV

Motor driving and status (buyer intuition visit visual inspection, test drive)

Kilometers (ask vehicle report, ask for references)

Maintenance (invoices, book keeping)

Number of owners (See vehicle report)

Vehicle Status aspect (see the vehicle).

In any case, we know that it is impossible that all conditions can be verified and that all are favorable, it all depends on your requirements, options, and budget, but you can always keep in mind some of the tips that you consider most relevant that here we give, not blindly buy all.


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